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UFOs over Tampa - The Unreported Invasion
By Jannice Torres, A Glenn Beck.Com Exclusive

Tampa, FL - If you looked in the sky on Sunday you probably saw something that you didn't expect. While the main stream media has largely ignored this amazing story, Glenn Beck.Com has exclusive images that prove Tampa was the site of an amazing amount of UFO sightings.

In the early hours of the evening it hundreds of people around Tampa saw something. However, uncommon as it was, some found the experience to be breathtaking and, for others, life-changing. Skeptics call it Mass Hysteria, the phenomenon in which multiple people, observing the same event and feeding from each otherís reactions, are compelled to believe the improbable.

But what UFO researchers call "the most documented and important sighting in Tampa Bay", the Tampa International Airport air traffic controllers are calling an unexplainable event.

"The radar did not reveal any flying objects, there was nothing on the radar." replied Michael Sanders when asked. "However, there was clearly something out there. I mean, we could see it, it was big. Several delays of departures and arrivals had to be enforced until the matter was confirmed. Runway 2 had to be closed for several hours. Dozens of private and corporate jets were deferred to other runways in an effort to normalize the situation."

TIA personnel were not the only ones to observe the events taking place on Sunday evening. A high ranking military official who requested to remain anonymous had this to say. "We received over 4000 calls to the main switchboard at MacDill in a period of less than an hour from people all around the stadium on Sunday. They all had the same story about seeing large objects that appeared to just be floating in the sky. We became so concerned that after the military aircraft did the pre-game flyby at the Super Bowl we requested that they stay in that general area so we could confirm the sightings. None of the planes in the air could make radar contact but on of the pilots did make visual contact with the unidentified object. Officially however there was no incident."

Among the public located in the Raymond James parking lot, were many people gathered to for a traditional tail gate party. Many reported to have witnessed the sighting and many called the local authorities to report the incident. Some proceeded to call the MacDill Air Force Base main phone number, which by that time was being flooded by a deluge of phone calls from all corners of Tampa. It was reported by unconfirmed sources that approximately 4,000 calls entered the switchboard reporting the sightings.

"I know what I saw,'' says Lumesntein, 28, security guard. "The government claims nothing happened. But we know what we witnessed here that Sunday night. It was a UFO.''

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