If the above picture frightens you…good! We are at a crucial time in not only our nation’s history, but also in the history of the entire Western world. There are powerful forces at work that, when looked at individually, are still quite serious but each seems somewhat manageable. However, when we examine these events and the possibility that they could happen collectively, well--then my friend, we’re facing something I like to call The Perfect Storm. Remember that George Clooney movie where the fishing boat gets caught in not just one storm, but many storms…coming at it from all angles simultaneously? Could it have braved one storm…maybe even two? Heck yeah, especially with Captain Clooney behind the wheel. But unfortunately, it wasn’t just one or two storms. The end result was that the collective power of a number of combined storms sank the fishing boat and killed her entire crew. And keep in mind—this wasn’t just a Hollywood movie, it actually happened. While they are rare, Perfect Storms do exist.

So with that thinking in mind, let me say that I firmly believe in what I’m about to lay before you, that if a number of the


following events take place concurrently  or in close succession, it will mean nothing less than the end of the West as we know it. Not just increased gas prices, not just our troops being overseas for the holidays, but a wholesale change in our country and the way we live our daily lives.

I’m not trying to scare you, but simply lay out some information so you can draw your own conclusions. I know these issues can seem daunting, and people often ask me, “What can I do?” The answer is easier than you might think: educate yourself--pass on what you learn to someone else, encourage them to pass it along, and so on. Getting informed, staying informed, and using that knowledge to help us act accordingly is our only chance. We need to realize that these problems aren’t about politics or party lines—at the end of the day, we’re not Democrats or Republicans, but Americans, and this problem applies equally to us all.

What follows hasn’t been run through any “spin” cycle so I can prove my point. I’ve simply done my homework and offer the cold hard facts. Do with them what



you will, but think of these in the context of another Hollywood blockbuster—“A  Beautiful Mind.” Remember that scene where Russell Crowe has pasted up a number of newspaper stories and is making associations and drawing connections between them by running strings from one story to the next, and then that story to another, and so on? You could easily do the same with the stories here. It’s not a great leap to see a certain synchronicity between them. But it’s best if you decide for yourself. I’ll do my part by keeping this page updated and making sure you have access to the most current information. Then it’s up to you to inform yourself and share that information with those you care about.

If you think I missed something or have my facts wrong, please do us all a favor and send an e-mail to perfectstorm@glennbeck.com. I want to keep this page a non-partisan resource for “just the facts,” and accuracy is vital. We’re living in a world where the scary stuff isn’t going to just go away, and unless you arm yourself with information, things are going to seem a whole lot scarier.


The world is an unstable place and I’m not just talking about the Middle East. In Africa, South America, Asia and everywhere in between, there is unrest…and it doesn’t always make the front page of the paper or the six o’clock news. We need to know what’s going on in places that may seem unimportant and understand their relationship to places that we know are crucial - if we don’t, it may be too late once the dominos begin to tumble.

Naming names: The Saddam-al Qaida connections

Israeli 'Drones' Fly Over Iraq

Bush warns Iran against action in Iraq

Group Says al-Qaida No. 2 Mocks US, Bush

Bush Plans Series of Goals for Iraq Leaders

Bush set to reveal Iraq troop 'surge'

Gulf summit opens with warning of regional explosion

Iranian News

Juan Cole is President of the Global Americana Institute.






























It’s all about Iran and has been for a long time. It is Iran’s religious leaders—the Ayatollahs—that call the shots for their government and make the decisions for terrorist organizations like Hezbollah. Iran is the seat of the primary opposition against the U.S. (when it comes to WWIII, they’re leading the Axis cause), and if we don’t pay very close attention to what they do and with whom they do it, the only thing we have to lose is everything. Remember - Iran doesn’t make threats - they make promises.

Bush: Iran Threatens 'Nuclear Holocaust'

Iran threatens use of 'smart' bomb

US says Iran training militias in Iraq

Ahmadinejad may visit Iraq: report

U.S. : Iran Arming Taliban in Afghanistan

Iran: U.S. will regret holding 5 Iranians

Lieberman: U.S. should weigh Iran attack

Report: Pentagon Behind Iran Attack

Iran Caught Shipping Arms to Taliban

John Bolton: Attack Iran Before It Gets the Bomb

Iran stops inspectors visiting nuclear site

Report: Iran plans to kidnap Israelis

Nuclear chief suspected of selling uranium

Iran, Syria agree on defense cooperation

Iran: United States 'will lose in Middle East'

Iran test-fires Russian air defense missiles

N Korea helping Iran with nuclear testing

Analysis: Iran and China team up for gas

North Korea's Biochemical Threat

Iran's Secret Plan For Mayhem

Iran: Mahdi will defeat archenemy in Jerusalem

U.S.: Iran makes headway on nuke weapons

North Korea insists on nuclear status

Iran President: Israel Will Be Wiped Out

Santorum Floor Speech on Iran, Gates and the Baker/Hamilton Report
(PDF File 101KB)

Israel will 'not tolerate' a nuclear Iran: Olmert

Europe’s Plan to “Reform” Iran Regime Shifts into High Gear

China Signals War

Venezuela News And Views

Center for Cooperative Research

Photos of the Student Demonstration in Tehran

Since the tragedy of September 11th, America has been at war, but with a brand new kind of enemy. The terrorist threat cannot be underestimated - anytime your enemy is not just willing but eager to give their life for their cause, it’s a brand new ballgame. The longer we’re forced to play only defense against this new enemy, the longer our offense - and our true safety - will have to wait. Be it Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah overseas, or sleeper cells plotting against us within our own country, terrorism may be the greatest adversary our nation has ever faced.

'We Are Going to Get Hit Again'

Lieberman: Syrian Airport Is Terror Hub

Plane hijacker trained by al-Qaeda

The long reach and ambitions of al-Qaida

Islamic jihadists warn Austria, Germany: break with U.S. or something may happen

Chiquita admits to paying Colombia terrorists

Ban word "terrorist" from Padilla trial, lawyer asks

Test Run for Terrorists in Los Angeles Airport?

Al Qaeda Chiefs Are Seen to Regain Power

Nuclear terrorism risk seen growing

Sleeper Cells in the United States and Canada

FBI: Cleric's illness triggers al Qaeda attack fears



Somalia Town Threatens to Behead People Who Don't Pray 5 Times Daily





















The oil monkey - he’s been on our backs since the end of WWII and he shows no sign of getting off anytime soon. And with our dependency on oil comes our dependency on oil producing nations, which are largely located - you guessed it - in the Middle East. If WWIII comes, oil goes - it’s just that simple. The U.S. Air Force is developing jet fighters that can run on natural gas, and yet we still haven’t committed to the coal-to-oil technology that could give us energy independence in just 10 years. Many things in this country are made with petroleum products, and we need to put gas in the car so we can drive to work to earn the money so we can drive to the mall to buy those things. Contemporary life as we know it is intimately tied to the availability of oil at a reasonable price. Once you remove either the availability or the reasonable price, there will be a drastic, fundamental change in your everyday life. Period.

China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales

OPEC warns drive for bio-fuels could lead to soaring oil prices

Mexican officials: state oil monopoly in 'critical' condition due to falling reserves

Chavez to nationalize 'strategic' sectors

$20bn gas project seized by Russia

Oil Industry Statistics

Coal to Oil (Free Audio)
Coal to Oil discussion, interview with David Neeleman, JetBlue CEO...
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- Coal to Liquids

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- Coal to Liquids Draft Bill
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- OSD Assured Fuels
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Widescale Biodiesel Production From Algae






















Our borders are weak—I can't say it more simply or truthfully than that. Illegal immigrants stream into our country from not only the south, but the north as well--and by the tens of thousands. Thing is, not all of them are very rich drug smugglers or very poor laborers—some could very well be terrorists who've figured out that it's easier flying into Mexico and jumping the fence into the U.S. rather than trying to get here directly. Illegal immigration affects our nation's economy, educational standards, healthcare, culture and most importantly—security. We need to button-up the borders and do it quick. Of course, life inside our borders can be just as problematic.

As our population becomes increasingly diverse, new customs and beliefs systems are reshaping how we live both individually and together. When you factor in the ever-looming specter of political correctness, it's becoming less and less clear what's acceptable and what it really means to be an American. What happened to the concept of a melting pot – immigrants who came to this county and wanted to blend into us, and become Americans?

Mexico accused of framing border agent

Can't say 'Christian' at U.S. birthplace

North American Union to Replace USA?

Bank's credit cards for illegals raise ire

Gov admits lying about jailed border agents

Port of Miami on heightened alert

Mexico To Give GPS Devices To Illegals

Gunmen Attack National Guard Border Patrol Site in Arizona

Illegal aliens murder
12 Americans daily

US Customs and Border Protection

Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court


















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