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Senate Sleep Over
JULY 18, 2007


GLENN: Here's another question. I mean, if we're here just to play our cards face up on the table, could somebody help me out with this one? Did you see the cots that they reeled in -- that they wheeled into the Capitol building yesterday? They looked comfortable. No, they did. I hope to go sleepy-sleep. Saw a picture in the New York Times of Chuck Schumer looking at the cots longingly. "Oh, I wish I could sleep now, but I've got to do the people's work. Well, not exactly the people, but that one person in San Francisco, I'm doing his work tonight." .

I would like to ask two questions, and I believe we should ask our leaders these two questions and then hold their feet to the fire when they happen. One, what's your plan when they start killing each other, what's your plan? Do we just let them kill each other? Do we just stand by for another genocide? Because that's what is coming. So do we stand by that? Do we just -- that's cool. I just want to know. I want to know the ground rules because when they start in on genocide, that's when George Clooney is going to say, see what happens? See? Look what Bush did. Look what the evil conservatives did.

No, the evil conservatives now are warning you, if we leave -- in fact, I don't even need to be an evil conservative. Did you see that the UN, the secretary general, said please don't do this? Isn't that weird? That's weird because you would think that all of the liberals would be saying, oh, we must follow the UN secretary general; he is our one and only leader. But now for some reason they are not even listening. Did you see that on television? Did you see everybody rushing to the newsroom? "Secretary general says we must stay; we must report this news top of every news cycle." I didn't see that. Why? It doesn't fit their agenda. So everybody's recommending -- conservatives and the secretary general of the United Nations are recommending you don't just pull out of Iraq. That would be a very bad thing to pull out of Iraq because it will lead to genocide. So I just want to have George Clooney and all of the others, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton on record when you pull them back and redeploy the troops to Saudi Arabia, which is a safe place. It's beautiful, especially this time of year. There's no extremists there that would want to kill us for occupying even more of the Holy Land space. But when we redeploy into the region and Iraq goes into a sinkhole, what is your plan? I just want you to -- when they're slaughtering people, you know, women and children in the streets, I just want to make sure that I understand you correctly, that that's cool to you. I just want to give that out. The second thing is, there's a question that I haven't heard anybody ask and I'm going to start asking this of every peacenick that I meet. What was the biggest problem with the Iraq war, besides the lies that got us in there? Why? Why, what was it that everybody was saying was the biggest problem with the Iraq war besides the lie? What did it do to the rest of the world? What did it do to Afghanistan? Stu, quickly, what did the Iraq war -- by us going into Iraq, what happened?

STU: Well, Glenn, we took our eye off the ball of a real enemy, Al-Qaeda.

GLENN: Yeah. And so what happened in Afghanistan?

STU: It got really bad and it was all our fault.

GLENN: Really bad, because we took our eye off. We took our resources and our troops out of there and we stopped fighting the real enemy, Al-Qaeda, and we started fighting the enemy that is Saddam Hussein.

STU: If there was only someone around to redeploy our troops back to Afghanistan.

GLENN: Oh, my goodness, that would be great, wouldn't it? Yeah. So let me just ask you this. If that was the biggest mistake that we made in Afghanistan, taking our troops out and taking our eye off the ball and stop engaging them in Afghanistan, how is this not going to be our biggest mistake in Iraq, to take our eye off the ball and stop fighting our enemies in Iraq?

STU: I have an answer.

GLENN: Oh, you do?

STU: Yes. Because Afghanistan was popular at the time and Iraq isn't popular now.

(Bell dinging)

GLENN: Thank you, Stu. Thank you, 10 points. We are going to -- if you had a problem with it in Afghanistan, how can this be your plan now in Iraq? I love that. The worst thing we ever did since slicing bread too thin. That's the plan now in Iraq. That's the dumbest thing. But again, it requires you to think things through. It requires you to be consistent, which nobody ever is consistent. They just want out. They just want their poll numbers, they want to do the popular thing. They just want out.


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