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JULY 09, 2007


Forest fires. Biggest forest fire in the state's history in Utah burning right now, burning out of control. You're going to have to stay with me for a couple of minutes. Stu, in fact I want you to stay with me. You know me, riddled with ADD, I could get sidetracked at any minute. Forest fires. I'm driving in, and I'm listening to the news about the forest fires and how they're burning out of control, and my first thought was, gee, maybe we should allow controlled burns from time to time. You can't have controlled burns because, well, that's just not normal, what are you doing, you're setting fire to a forest? Well, yeah, because we put the forest fires out now, and so the under brush gets to be too big, and so then when you got a forest fire, it burns the entire forest down, and, look at Utah. What do you do?

So the idea of a controlled burn is you just burn a few acres every so often to make sure that you have a controlled situation so it doesn't cost you billions of dollars when the whole earth is on fire. It's kind of a global warming thing.

So you can't have controlled burns, and so what happens is, these forests catch fire, and then they burn the whole thing down. And the first thing I thought was, let it burn, let the damn thing burn. Take all of our resources, take all the hoses that we have, all the shovels, and make your line there at the houses and towns, but let the forest fire burn itself out.

And then I started thinking, I wonder if there are any environmentalists that would agree with me. I wonder if there's a soul out -- is there a Teddy Roosevelt in the environmentalist movement anymore? Is there anybody who's like, I love nature, I'm going to go kill me an elephant, are there any environmentalists that were like Teddy Roosevelt, that understand the natural balance of things?

Now I happen to be a little passionate on, you know, the man's arrogance when it comes to the natural universe. And I think it comes from, I grew up in Seattle, where there are two kinds of environmentalists. There are the environmentalists that actually understand that it's a living being, that it's a -- it's a -- part of the circle of life, that the earth has its cycles, and all of the animals, including man, are part of that cycle.

And then there are the hippie environmentalists who I think are too stoned to really think it through, and they just like to hug trees. They just want to hug this tree. "I love this tree. And this weed is really good, too."

And I'd like to know if there are any actually environmentalists left that would understand that, you know what, lightning strikes are part of nature. So I started thinking about that. And then I thought, you know what? It is part of the natural cycle. It's part of the, oh, my gosh, it's part of survival of the fittest, it's part of the -- the -- evolution.

How many things are -- are we screwing up in evolution, if you believe in evolution, how many things are we screwing up through man intervening, man stepping in?

For instance, they took all of the wolves out of Yellowstone. It was a big controversial thing -- took all the wolves out of Yellowstone I'm not kidding you put them on airplanes and shipped them up to Canadian. What a stupid -- those are the hippie, dope smoking environmentalists. They take the wolves out of -- because they're hurting, I don't remember what it was, like the little furry bunnies, they're killing too many furry bunnies. Well, who knows -- who knows, maybe in a thousand years bunnies should have had fangs because they had to defend themselves against wolves. How is it you can and yet you want to step in and -- and ship the wolves on a plane to Canada? How can you believe that evolution is the way things happen, and it's a gotta, and yet every time there's a bad thing, every time something's in danger, you want to swoop in and save it, whether it's man's cause or not?

I don't know about you, but I don't think we caused lightning strikes. So why not just let it burn itself out? What damage are you doing by not allowing nature to take its course?

Let's take that a step further. Darwin is the uber-liberals' god. Darwin I believe actually, to the uber-liberal, is just the way -- he's just the device to erase God. There's no respect for Darwin, there's no respect for survival of the fittest. In fact, survival of the fittest must be stopped in every step of the way. You've got to take the wolves because they're hurting the little bunnies, you've got to take the wolves out to protect the bunnies.

Well, what about Darwin? What you are doing? What are you -- you're changing everything. We've got to go in there and save the forest. Wait a minute, what changes happened here? And if you take this and play it all the way along, man has not always -- not -- not just always the bad guy. Man is also always the savior. And I never know which one's which.

Survival of the fittest? What is survival of the fittest? If you watch nature, what happens? If there is a weakling in a pack, that weakling is left behind, that weakling is left -- and why is it left behind? Because they leave it behind because they know if they go back and slow the pack down for that one, the pack will be killed.

Now, if wolves or whatever is traveling in a pack, you know, maybe they're -- they were -- you know, they were thinking animals, maybe one of them would say, pack, go ahead, I'm going back to save this one. I'll meet you. And that one takes the chance because he's a good wolf, and he goes back, and he grabs that other little weakling and brings him along with the pack. What do liberals do? Liberals take the entire pack and move that pack and force that pack to go surround the weakling, and then force the pack to walk slowly. And the whole pack gets killed.

And you want a perfect example, it's our school systems. They've taken the entire school system and said, pack, slow down, whoa! We've got some weaklings here. And they've slowed the entire pack down to be able to save the weaklings.

Now, conservatives don't believe we should let the weaklings die. Conservatives believe that, you know, people should take it upon themselves, not the entire pack, by force, by gunpoint, but individuals, they should go back and help.

Libertarians believe, let them die. Libertarians -- and this is a good example on Libertarians for drugs -- Libertarians believe, you should be able to take whatever you want. Take whatever you want. You want to take drugs, you want to do morphine, I hear it's great this time of year, morphine to the max, wow, is that a good -- was that a good high with the heroin? Because you can buy some more if you want. And they've got, you know, heroin needles in their eyes and their arms and in between their toes and then you walk over them in the middle of the street. Hmm, look who did heroin. Oh well.

That's survival -- Libertarians are the closest to Darwin, because they'll just let the other ones die. I mean, you know, somebody can go back and help them, but not the pack, pack ain't going to do it. They're the closest to nature, I believe, Libertarians. Whatever.

Liberals tout Darwin. Survival of the fittest. That's the way nature works. They're the ones who are always telling us -- if I hear another nature lover this weekend after Live Earth telling me about what we should do for Mother Earth, I'm going to hang myself, only because you're trapped in a maze. You're trapped in a maze that is liberal thinking. It doesn't work. I can't have it both ways. Don't tell me about survival of the fittest in Darwin and it's the -- the natural way, and then try to stop nature every single time.

Now, they'll tell you that, well, man is part of nature. Well, not according to a lot of these global warming experts. Man is not a part of nature. Man's the problem with nature. I'm the one saying, nature includes man. But they'll tell you that, no, it's man that's always screwing things up. We're part of the circle of life, aren't we?

I'm convinced that Darwin means nothing to liberals, except as a way to kill God, except for a way to make sure that just, there is no divine anything. It's just all evolution. I happen to believe evolution might be the answer. But it's by grand design. That's the way He designed the system to work.

I mean evolution to me is -- is like, wow, look how this thing was put together? It's made to run itself. It doesn't say who made it. It doesn't say how it was made. It just says, look, look at how it's made to run itself. I think that's possible. I'm not saying evolution is the answer, I'm saying it's a possible answer, with grand design.

But I think that while liberals embrace Darwinism, they reject it every step of the way, because they'll take impractical applications, they will put out every forest fire from lightning strikes. I'll meet you halfway. Let's put out the forest fires that man causes. If I'm -- if I'm there on a campfire and we forget to put it out, well, let's go fight that one. Lightning strike, hmm, we let it burn. I'm willing to meet you halfway.

Stop slowing the pack down. The pack is going to get slaughtered. Every time we try to stop something bad from happening -- see, this is a -- this is a lack of understanding of, there is no real actual bad. There's nothing bad that can happen to you. There's only -- the only way anything bad ever happens to you is that you've interpreted it as bad.

I have met people who are quadriplegics who have been in accidents, who are successful and happy and will look at their experiences, say, you know what? When this first happened, you can look -- you can -- let's go another scientist who I'm sure believes in Darwin and doesn't believe in God. Stephen Hawking. When Stephen Hawking first fell down the stairs in Cambridge and realized, that wasn't a normal fall, I've been stumbling an awful lot, something's really wrong with me, he used to throw his work away, he would bait for his term papers until the night before, and then he would just jot 'em out, he'd turn it in, he'd get an A, and he'd throw it away. His roommate saved everything and said to him, Stephen, you're a genius. Do you know what you've done? And he's like, whatever.

Until he fell down the stairs. When he fell down the stairs, he realized something was wrong, he went to the doctor, he was diagnosed with ALS, they said you're going to die within ten years, he decided to make something of himself. If it wasn't for his ALS, he would have never applied himself. If it wasn't for the bad, the good wouldn't have happened. Why is it that everyone always tries to stop the bad? You've got to let people struggle, you've got to let people fail because that's the only way people will really, truly succeed. And if they choose to take their failures and just count on them as failures, it goes back to Cindy Sheehan. Build on that. Build something of value.

Look for something positive, not negative. And at you decide to just build on negative, well, then that's your choice, and you've chosen to destroy yourself, and that's your choice, and God bless it. Life is nothing but a series of choices. God bless it. But Darwin should bless that. Life is nothing but a series of choices. You just have to be willing to live with the consequences.


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