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who has hacked you off the most in the last six months?

I think I have the answer to your little question, the answer is people like you who can not accept the fact that not all of us in America are little brown nosing kiss asses like yourself. The last time I checked, we have this thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I believe that everybody has a right to their opinion no matter how wrong it may be. So when people like you go around saying that the anti war crowd is anti American, you really do yourself a disservice and show the world what a shallow imbecile you really are. You and your ilk are not all that American in my view because you can only tell people to shut up and get off your phone instead of having a debate based in fact. Sounds like a bit of censorship to me. Talk radio is a great way for EVERYBODY to be heard, not just the people who you agree with. I think you would be really surprised to know the different views that real Americans have. Honestly Glenn you really don't know the real America, you know a little bit of it. Get a grip..The cranky Yankee.

ps....I supported the war,but not totally, THere was way more to this than meets the eye.


hey idiot

If you had a hair, you'd add your name to your list. You would get my vote. You and every other Bush lackey who shouted down people who don't agree with you by calling them anti-American.

I think that is by far the saddest thing about the last six months.

We B on 2 U, Glenn....

I have often wondered how a big fat slob like you made it all the way to the Bush 'administration'. Let's see, aren't you the 'Secretary of T.O.P.S.' (Taking Over Press Swiftly)?

According to Al Martin, a former high-level Bush family cohort (American Free Press, March17), "The only thing that's known about Clear Channel Communications is that George Bush Sr. and Henry Kissinger are on the board of advisors...and their money comes from some shadowy Cayman Islands account, called the Trilateral Communications Investment Group. Their one mandate on a CCC station is that one cannot say anything bad about Bush."

Funny how your show went national immediately after 9/11...

Funny how Clear Channel went from three Mickey Mouse stations in Dallas to controlling 47 percent of all radio talk shows in America...

Funny how Clear Channel paid up to three times the market value for radio stations, simply to control the market.

Funny how it seems that CCC's purpose is not really profit, or as Martin put it, "I would maintain that their agenda is to shut down any talk radio that is anti-Republican or anti- George Bush".

Funny how this email will never appear in your "Hatemail".

Glenn, you are nothing more than a Bush whore and you know it.

Terry Modory
Cleveland, Oh

Automated Response:
Thank you for your comments, they have been forwarded to our Zionist Master and the Republican National Committee for review. If your comments are deemed to fall in line with our Pro-Israel, Pro-Right Wing Extremist stance, it will then be considered for publication.

Rally for America

Nice job on your "Rally for America." Too bad the count still reads something like this...

Beck's Rally for America 34,000 (numbers taken from your website)

Patriots for Peace 7,000,000 to 10,000,000

Keep up the mediocre work Mr. Flavor of the month. How does it feel to be the radio equivalent of New Kids on the Block or O-Town. By the way genius that means you were created and hyped to high heaven. Your ahem... talent... had nothing to do with your syndication deal. Sound and fury signifying nothing...The Glenn Beck Show. Enjoy your 15 minutes loser.

Greg Haney

Hypocrite Beck

3 points:

1. When you and the other nutbags on the air trash France, you seem to forget about 90 percent of US History. First, we would not have won the Revolutionary War had the French not aided us. Second, we would have lost far more American lives in WWII had the "REAL" french government, the resistance movement led by Charles DeGaulle, aided us. Why do you paint entire cultures with such a broad brush.

2. You claim to be "consistent" with your views on abortion and the death penalty. You must know that 75 percent of the casulties in todays wars are civilian, vs. 10 percent at the turn of last century. The news announced the attack plan for Iraq as "dropping more bombs in 1 day than in the entire 41-day 1st Gulf War". Also, they just released info that we'll be using a new bomb that is so powerful it causes a mushroom cloud. No mention whether it would be a "terrorist-seeking bomb", but I assume the civilian deaths will be written off as "collateral damage" just like they were in Afghanistan. Have you ever MET an Iraqi?

3. Since the end of the bombings in Afghanistan, much praise has been lauded on RAWA, the women's rights group that had fought the Taliban for 25 years. But no mention has been made of the fact that, 2 weeks after the bombing began, RAWA begged Bush to stop, because of the severe losses of innocent life in the "reckless crusade". They said that the only way to end the Taliban was to arm the people to rise against them, which could have been accomplished with US aid.

4. Our ALLY is Turkey??? God, I don't know how much you know about Turkey, but they have at least as many human rights violations under their belt as Iraq does. In Turkey, you are arrested and tortured if you speak Kurdish. They shut down radio stations for playing songs that SOUND kurdish. They executed a journalist for printing "New Year" in Kurdish, which turned out to be an accident, because the words are so similar in Arabic and Kurdish. THESE OUR ARE ALLYS IN THE WAR ON TERROR?

I can't believe the war-mongering and hatefull, fearfull nonsense I hear on the radio and see on the TV these days. Ask the families of the 9/11 victims if they favor more war and more orphaned children. Ask the "Families of 9/11" groups, which have resoundly come out AGAINST bombings..... Sadaam is a bastard, yes, and he needs to go... the sanctions that killed 500,000 children in Iraq would have been lifted if he had been replaced, I have no doubt. But this "war" is going to create far more problems than it will solve. America runs on fear, and these days, xenophobia.... I just find it sad that you compromised all your beliefs to support this war.... but I guess to you they are only "mere Iraqis". I hope you know something I don't about this mess.


It's IRAQ, stupid

As you can tell, I'm not a fan, but listen because:
1) the competition station has a local yokel on who can't even speak
correct English, and
2) I can't get NPR in this building

Nonetheless, as I sat here listening today and trying not to throw up, I
cannot believe the times Glenn said "There's going to be a war with IRAN"
or "We are going to IRAN". Listen to your tapes of today program if you
don't believe me.

We are going to war with IRAQ, stupid. Saddam Hussein is the leader of
IRAQ. My favorite quotation from school is, "Tis better to be thought a
fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Either Stu can't write, or you can't read. Or if you are doing it on
purpose, that is really lame.


Automated Response: Actually Glenn was talking about Iran - but in order to understand this you would have to (a) listen for more than 2 seconds or (b) have an I.Q. of 20 or more.

You're a globalist tool

Hey Glen
You've got your head so far up Bush's ass that if he farted your head would be blown clean off. You're nothing but a paper patriot. I wish that you could be air dropped into Iraq along with Limbaugh, Hannity, O'reilly, and the rest of you right wing nuts. This war is all about the New World Order. Bush is a Skull and Bones man who serves the global elite. The real patriots of our country are the Christian and Patriot groups that are exposing this plot to hand over our national sovereignty to the NWO. The only reason I listen to your show is to hear the government sanctioned propaganda you spout. I served in the first Gulf-Exxon War, and I was aware even then that I was being used for the purposes of evil. After I got out of the service I was enlightened to the globalist plot. You're nothing but a tool for evil men.

P.S. I woke up, and many others are waking up to the reality of where this country is headed.

Michael Jackson

Are you obsessed with Michael Jackson, or what!?

Thank goodness you put him into your first hour, which is the last hour here in Dallas.

Now I can get on with pre-lunch and lunch stuff without listening to the rest of your show - I'm sorry to say.

Carrollton, TX

Exhausting program

 Your program is summed up in one word...exhausting! It is nothing but screaming and preaching and always filled with negative vibes.

Frankly, after listening one morning here at WGY in Albany, NY, I thought to myself, "why do I feel so emotionally drained"?

I would much rather hear more lighthearted programing, especially in this early AM time-slot. (9AM)

You come across to me as a very angry person , who got a "raw deal" early in life, and plans to perpetuate the hurt the rest of your life. Move on!

People tune in a radio show, especially in the morning for information, entertainment and maybe a lightherted joke here and there! I don't want to hear a hate sermon
that never has and end!

Your shows are predictably filled with negative, hateful, almost "sick" sermons.. .and frankly, I would rather hear someone a little lighter in tone.

Just saw your picture for the first time as I downloaded WGY's website to access your e-mail address...hmmm! Besides sounding like a fanatic filled with hate, you also look the part! Be careful not to criticize others appearance, as you look a bit "over-fed". (I have heard you call others fat). You have no room to talk!

Lighten up and try just entertaining people. You have a nice voice, but it is wasted on preaching sermons every day. If I wanted to go to Church every day to be preached to, I would go! When I turn on the radio, especially in the AM, I want something entertaining and a little more uplifting. You drag your listeners down with your ever present negative slant on things!

Exhausted by your sermons,

Idiot you are sir!!

You are an itiot to think war is the only solution to the crisi in Iraq. Your father should have pulled out your mother, shot his load on the wall, and let the ants eat you. Good day sir.

pablo lazarus

Talk Radio

Hi. I erroneously thought the purpose of "talk radio" was to have a discussion between (or among) two (or more) persons. You seem to espouse "talk radio" to be a platform for your own opionions. It is now 10:25 AM in Wilmington, DE, and I have not heard one phone call from any of your listeners this morning. (Do you have any but me?)

When I lived in New Orleans and LA, there were "soap boxes" available for people to express their thoughts. Maybe you need a "soap box" and the station needs another "talk show" host.


You can't be serious!

I heard your program today about how anybody can become rich if they want to. I must admit I laughed out loud several times. Surely you don't believe that BS. (Do you sell snake oil on the side too?)

To tell people that as long as they believe they can be rich they will be is absurd. Few people get to be rich. It doesn't matter how hard you work. Being wealthy is a condition that most people want but few obtain.

I will never be rich. Why? because I have a government job and can only make so much money. (I make in the mid-40's and have good benefits.) Well start your own business you say. Riiight. First of all I know nothing about business nor do I have any idea what type of business to start. Plus there is little things like getting collateral, finding a building to buy or rent, etc. Plus 90% of all businesses FAIL within 2 years. (According to the Government.) And most of those who do succeed at business don't become rich! So please stop with the nonsense!

You know why some people get rich Mr Beck? I'll tell you. It is a combination of having either talent or brains, hard work and LUCK. If you don't have all three of these you won't get rich. To say that all it takes to be rich is hard work & determination is like saying all you have to do to be an NBA star is practice playing basketball day and night! Yes indeed if you do that you are GUARENTEED to be an NBA star.

And that guy who called to say that he will never be rich because he has MS and is in pain got chided by you! You brought up Stephen Hawking as an example of a handicapped man becoming rich. Excuse me but Mr Hawking happens to be a GENIUS! He is not your average Joe! That is why he was able to become rich you idiot!

Personally I don't mind the fact that I will never be rich but I object to people like you promoting the right-wing fantasy that anybody can become rich in this country if they work hard enough. I believe you said that the blessing just flow down and all you need is a bigger bucket.

What nonsense! Please take off those rose colored glasses and try to see the world as it really is. Cretin!


Your Sappy Nonsense is insensitive!

You know Mr Lard Lad listening to you say all those bacon grease tear stained words to that woman who puts up with your gigantic michelin butt almost made me think you had a soul.

But the truth is you're just out to oppress those people who don't subscribe to your over religious zealot views of love! What about the homosexuals and animal lovers who cannot openly express their feelings on the air like you and your ham sandwich hate show!

You just keep stuffing taco supremes down your throat you evil evil walrus!

Benn Gleck


I am a listener in Atlanta and your show REALLY sucks. You are inconsistently interesting and always irritating. Your melodramatic pauses are actually amusing because I can imagine the look on your stupid face as you "enlighten" your audience with some inane "revelation". Your opinions are interesting only to glenn beck and you add nothing new to any topics I've heard on your show. I suggest you stick with topics like incest and alcoholism and mental illness (topics you obviously know very well).

I am tuning you off loser!

charles garland
atlanta, ga

You almost had me

A couple weeks ago, I was ready to call my radio station and tell them I would never listen to them until they removed you from their programing, today, I tuned in, and you made some actual reasonable sense, you seemed to be very passionate about your resoning....I actually called up your website, and was thoroughly disgusted...typical money-maker, your hands are out in all directions....while you crus; are slipping lots of loot into your own pockets...I will never again be taken inby whatever you say on radio.

Good By, Glen Beck!!!!!!!

Too bad, you mi;ght have done some good, but you are too greedy! You actually; don't care about the world and saving our country.

A senior former listener.

bew hew hew

bew hew hew. Waah. Hey Glen, I woke up today and realized I was living in THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD... and then I started thinking of all those other countries that aren't a good as us, and all their unhappy, poor, oppressed people who must really hate US for being so fortuneate. So I think the best thng to do is to remove all good things and incentives to excel so that we can be just as hopeless as everyone else. Also we should setup regional warlords and religious cults to make sure that any localized groups of people don't get fed up with the BS and try risking execution to escape. Then all the hell-holes of the world will be like "Hey you all have the best guns, the best free food, the best welfare, but you still got polititians". What then? When will the world ever love us?  Answer that Mr Smarty Pants - Mr I'm a Mormon who wants to have 12 wives - answer THE QUESTION!!! WILL THEY WEVER LOVE US CAUSE LIKE BONO SAID, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We need to leave Iraq along. Why is it because we are the most powerful nation, we have to be bullies & dictate to other countries what they can have or do? All countries should have A-bombs and that would solve the problem. MAAD rules! If indeed, all you warmongers want a war, let's force the boozing doping Bush twins into the marine infantry and let them be in the first wave. If you and all your buddies have kids between 18 and 35, let's get them in the marines too, along with all congresses kids also. Ya think that might stop American aggression? I'm a Viet-Nam Vet, still suffering with the effects of agent orange. All war is wrong. And remember: If voting could really make changes, it would be illegal.

Peace, JD


I have always been an avid talk radio listener until you came to Philly. Now I am back to Howard Stern because I cannot bear your program. Although I THINK I share many of your beliefs, I cannot even listen to your content long enough to be sure. Your blustery, buffoonish delivery, your endless dead space, and your silly, grating impersonations are too much to bear. I can't believe your show has lasted this long in Philly. Every day I am sure I will turn on 1210 and you will be gone and every day I am wrong. It makes me seriously doubt the management at 1210. I hate to be cruel but you really stink and I count the minutes until someone in management comes to their senses and returns morning 1210 back to some talent.


Today's Program (Election Day)

I am a daily listener to your program and agree with 99% of your views. However, today's program -- in my opinion did more to hurt the election process than anything I've ever heard from anyone. If these call-in's were suppose to be funny, please fill me in. PLEASE what was your point? To me, voting is a very serious issue and I consider it a privilege to cast my vote. Your program today did nothing for the conservative candidates across our nation. Did you ever consider that you were playing right into the liberals hands?

Mr. Beck, how many people that listened to your program today didn't understand all the false information that you gave was indeed incorrect? Surely to goodness, ratings can't be that bad!!


You and Rush

You f---ing right-wing nut!!! You and Rush Limbaugh must suck each other's d---. Think you Bushies are smart? Try taking every right-wing bulls---ter off of the radio waves, and watch the Republicans collapse!! You're probably like all the other little republican yuppies. Never worked a day in your life. I don't mean spouting off your mouth on a regular basis. I mean good old fashioned physical labor. You dumb sh--.

rod davis

Response: Have you tried those vocabulary tapes that they advertise on the Rush show? You might want to give them a whirl.


With all due respect Portuguese has nothing to do with spanish or french, there are a handfull of words that match in spanish, but when comes to the writing part it is all different, so much that if I speak portuguese somebody who speaks spanish will be hard pressed to understand.

I was raised in Brazil (18 years) so I can safely backup this statement. Please don't insult us by confusing us with some dumbs cubans in your shown.


dear mr compassionate radioman person...

just a few notes from a white guy in texas...

1...congrats on the WOW b-cast on halloween- ballsy and good...welles would be proud, or he may have just eaten the entire cast in toto, who can say? one in the history of the universe has pissed me off more than you- i consider myself neutral politically, but hope to earn enough cash to make me republican one day...maybe that will make the corporate dick taste go the way, does it?

3...and finally, the main reason i write is your lil' fun time comment/skit/radio bit on the death of jam master jay - if some ass kissing right winger was shot to death your diatribe would be unbearable...but you apparently have no idea about popular culture or music (despite being a national radio personality for chrissakes!!) so you turn something tragic (he has a wife and three kids)into a sorry ass ignorant white guy bit for a segment of are at best an annoying monkey with a worst, let's just say if you could actually F--- YOURSELF you may have found a worthwhile pastime...

no funeral-

richard davis

10-29-02 broadcast

Dear Glenn, You made reference today to(correct me if I'm wrong) " a card carrying NRA and Al Quaida member". It may have been in fun,but to say the two in the same breath is irresponsible. I would like an apology on air and also e-mail back to me as I won't hear it on the air,you've lost me as a listener until you do.

Brent (NRA life member)

Dingle rules!!!

I noticed you had Wilfred's crusty old butt shipped up from Sun City for your self aggrandizing, so called "live" War of the Worlds broadcast! Where the heck was Jim Dingle! Again with the Dingle snub, eh!I've writen before about the way your program walks all over a broadcast talent like Mr. Dingle. Are you too cowardly to publish this type of truthful observation on your hate mail site? Afraid that others will stand up and take notice? Disgraceful, truly disgraceful! Your talent cannot hold a candle to that of Mr. Dingle! Change your ways, Mr. Beck, your actions will have consequences!!!??? Dingle rules!!!


You are dumb

You are dumb. You make suggestions and statements that shows your lack of knowledge on the issue in which you are discussing.

For example, you wanted the US to depart from the UN because they are followers and we are (USA) is a leader. Think about what you just said you dumb person. WE ARE ATTACKING IRAQ FOR NOT IMPLEMENTING UN ORDERS. So how can you suggest that we depart from them and not follow their rules, we are part of it and a big one for that matter. You are too dumb.

That's one of many.

You shouldn't be on the air. you are too dumb.

Sam Suwwan


I listen to your show and like G.Golden , Little Mike Savage,Laura Ingram and Sean blame every problems we are have on the Muslims. Everything can be linked to Al-Qaeda or Any Muslim  countries in the Middle East . If we or Israel KILL Muslim men, women and children they we Islamic Militant. I was listening when a guy called and said you and all the people above are controlled by Israel. You blow a gasket and start calling him names,which you guys are good at. What's the matter Glenn did Truth Hurt? You and your kind link all that is going on in the world on the Muslims. Remember Glenn we as Muslims are growing in the good old U.S.A. wait a few years we will be in the right offices and have lobby strong as or stronger then your boys Israel. Do you guys listen to your selfs, you should it's a treat.

A disappointed listener


Jesse Jackson

Each time something happens Jesse Jackson,excuse me, I mean the wana be Jesse Jackson, (Phony Glenn Beck) comes into the arena waving his tear drendged handkerchief yelling and crying out for the victim. When down deep you know you are doing these things to enhance your ratings so you can buy your fancy cars and take nice trips. I have nice things and so do my co-workers. But we work for our money unlike you. Get a grip on reality spaceboy and put the pseudo affection away. Needless to say, but I'm going to say it anyway, my co-workers and I do not listen to you anymore. So super Glenn go put on your shiny cape and phony demeanor and fly over the country screaming: 'I AM HERE AT LAST, GOD O MIGHTY I AM HERE AT LAST'!!!!

Curtis Parker



Signup for the InsiderHey you Rush wanna be,
I guess your STUPID insider club must be a total flop, otherwise you wouldn't be cramming it down our throats, what a stupid Idea, maybe if you had something original to say someone would want to subscribe to this Phony Baloney service.

Here's wishing someone else was in your Time Slot
"One people, One Nation, One Führer." "Sieg Hiel Clear Channel"!

Dave Larson

Response: Actually the 'Insider' has been a great success. If you would like to see what 'Insiders' think of the service, give this page a look.

Comments on your show

I happen to be in my car the other day and your talk show was on the radio,I heard you tirade on the French People ,you are untitle to your opinion but I think that much hatred on the air was in extremely poor taste,the next day I heard your song about the French,,curiosity make me listen to the end.,no words to describe what I felt.I was always on the impression that people who put everybody from a race or nationality in the same basket were plain idiots,so guess what it makes you,dito for me for listeningI would really like to know how you would feel if you heard that type of garbage describing your ancestors

Fom a French lady proud of beinf so..



So sorry to learn that, like Rush Limbaugh, you went to the White House & Israel, is assume to be indoctrinated. You had a great show, and I told lots of folks to listen. Now I don't listen to you or Rush, but am back to locals and music. So sorry that they bought you off, or threatened you into compliance, and honestly believe that it would have been your choice not to do so, but had no alternative. Anyway, thanks for the great shows of the past.

P.J. Drumr

Your stupid program

This is the most childish talkshow on the Planet.

You felt the need to play the Tom Daschle address on the War Resolution on Iraq, and then found it necessary to over talk him the whole time so we couldn't really hear what he had to say.

Earlier you cut off someone who wanted to disagree with your position concerning Terry S. who is probably going to be taken off of the feeding tube, and you wouldn't even let him state his position.

Why do you even call this a talk show. This is not even worthy of "public access" time.

You are just another sick freak. And are irrelevant.

Oh by the way. If you constantly feel the need to beat war drums. Do it in your own basement.

Michael Lockhart

You are a disgrace to America

I am nauseated by all the BS you do and say on the Air. You should be taken off air.

Just gi'me a F@@kin reason to visit Israel unless you are a mosad agent like the three hundred other israleli Art students, or should I say Spies? Yes that is what you didnt dare to mention in your Bigotted program.

Those scumbags Spies like you are what we get in return for all the Billions of dollars we give to Israel. For all the weapons that we send them to kill the women and children.

Glennbeck, you are a prime example of what people all over the world call, The Ugly American.

you are all talk and no substance.

Hitler would have been proud of of you rascist pig. In his time he would have put you in charge of the gas chambers and you would have loved your job.

You know what the problem with America is today? There are too many loudmouthed LOSERS like you. Your contribution to America is bigotry and hatred. I am cinvinced Satan is very proud of you.

What you fail to realise is that it is not what YOU think of yourself but what OTHERS think of you. is that too hard for you to comprehend?

Dropping an A bomb (or two) on innocent women and children is not something to feel proud of, you weasel!

I feel sorry for the minority of Americans who do not share your filthy views

F@@k you Scumbag


So you went to Israel, and now your a prophet

Dear Glenn, I really am a big fan, but this is just getting out of control.  You must have left your edge in the Holy land, because you are becoming very boring. 

It all really started when you read that diary entry intended for your child.  I think that was a great idea, but you should have left it between you and your kid, by reading it on the air you cheapened it.  Its like giving money to a homeless guy and then going around telling everyone about it.

Now, with you newly felt enlightenment, you are blasting the most popular religion in the world and calling for a new luther.  Slow down Glen.  Your not intelligent enough to be handling these topics with such a large audience.  It really is making you sound foolish.

I suggest you try to keep yourself domestic for awhile.  Your like a guy who went to Jamaica for a week who now only eats jerk chicken, but probably less of an intellectual. Your audience likes you because you are simple.  You approve of anything conservative, and are disgusted by anything liberal.  Stick to what sells and leave your spiritual side outside while you work.

One more thing, people don't join the army to fight wars and get killed, they do so that chicken hawks like you don't have too.  Your lack of military strategy knowledge is disgustingly obvious, especially when you preach as if your a West Point Instructor.

A dedicated listener,
Mark Hagan


"As I presently see it", 2 +2=4, but since there is no such thing as absolute truth, anyone who says it is any thing else is equally correct. I wouldn't want to impose my Math on anyone. Each person has a right to his own Math.

Mr. Politically Correct Crap


OOOOOOOOO... poor you... You don't like French people ?
Well, that's OK. They probably all would hate you.
I know THIS French dislikes you a lot.
Please, get down the pedestal you've put yourself up on, look in the mirror and maybe you will finally realize "I am not God ! I do not have the right to judge everybody but ... hey.. I do that every single day ! What's wrong with me ?".


War Drums

You never served. You are a GI Joe child who never saw an explosion up close. I don't need your advice today.

Mr. Beck:

Part of this mornings program typifies why a majority of the worlds people hate us as Americans, we visit their homelands and see how they live, then we leave and return to our homes and start putting  them down for their lifestyles and ways of eating, lamb heads, brains, so what, if these people whose hospitality you enjoyed knew how they were being put down, made fun what they consider food maybe they would not be so polite next time.

Americans are known for being big mouths and not appreciating anything, your talk this AM proves it.

G. L. Henson

Pot calling the kettle black?

Why encourage hate? I'm not against going to war against Iraq and realize warriors may need to feel hate in order to do a good job - BUT why encourage people to HATE a whole country such as France and Germany?

I wonder if I make up a song saying "I hate fat will help me lose any weight? I think not . . .
Did Jesus use HATE?



You f.....Israeli agent, is responsible for what is happening to us in America.get f..... out of my country.

Zbigniew Krawiec

You are...

You are full of bullcrap, Mr. fact, you are a generator of bullcrap. The Saudis might not be our bosom buddies, but they have sold us their oil for as little as $2 a barrel in years past. What has Israel sold us? To put it politely, they have sold us propaganda.

H.B. Carlisle

stop your paranoid propaganda

Glenn i heard you this morning making fun of Barbara Striesands political advisor and it wasn,t funny how would you like it if she started to make fun of your short commings.

I have heard you make remarks about womens rights. and it wasn,t funny. Iam a Amazon and proud to be one. your hatred of women and wanting to put them back into the home you have the same attitude that Randall Terry has. He wants to establish a christian Nation and put women in their place and make them second class citizens.

You are a conservative Nazi.

And if your stupid enough to go to Israel when this violence is going on you deserve what you get.

B Neely

You've Lost Your Edge

Glenn, I used to listen to you, but it seems you've just become a mouthpiece for the Bush administration and a war monger. You're always pushing for a war on Iraq. I'm a conservative and a Vietnam vet, but I don't believe we need to start a war with Iraq.

Bob Beebe

Now I can't help but ask...

How is it that the guy (YOU) that played the most satirical commercials supporting "GW" during the presidential campaign 2 years ago now resorts to putting the man down as dumb, stupid and an example of the intelligence level you can be without to get a degree from Harvard? That was pretty low.

I used to tell people about your show and to listen to you. I am wondering what my friends are thinking now. The other day when you made these comments about our president, who by the way has done a much better job running this country than Mr. Bill and his side-kick, presidential attempt has-been Algore, I was flabbergasted and have vowed to avoid the AM dial in the range of your show during your show hours. Can't believe you said those things. If you pulled that crap in Texas, someone would be hooking up a chain to the bumper of their truck about now...

Is your Liberal side begining to show through? Seems like it!


Lon Allen

Response: Are you kidding me????? I am being SARCASTIC. Maybe you should listen a little longer. If you really think that I think GWB is dumb and yet somehow I still meet with his Dad two weeks ago, somehow I seem to be FOR EVERYTHING he talks about, somehow I FIGHT FOR HIS AGENDA on the war .... I am glad you are an ex listener. You either didn't really LISTEN when you were tuned in or your just not bright enough to understand when people make points in any other way than right between the eyes. - Glenn Beck

How dare you

I can't take what a hypocrite you are. You went off and told your listeners that it was ok to go to war even when lots of s are going to get killed, including many Iraqiis and our own men and women of the armed forces..

I wonder if you'd feel the same if your own freaking kid was in the army? You'd oppose the war for sure..huh Glenn? It's a no brainer for you when it's someone's else's kid. You should be ashamed of yourself..That's UNAMERICAN..To send our boys and s in order to fight Israel's war for them. Are you going to seal the deal when you actually arrive there? Man you're just another sick, opportunistic traitor.





Dan Pitts


Please stop

You mean to tell me that if Al Gore was the President and calling for War against Iraq that the Republicans wouldn't oppose. When Dashle made that statement in 1998 about wanting to get Iraq what were the Republicans saying. I bet they didn't want a Democratic President getting credit for defeating Iraq then. The politicians are a bad place to look for consistency and level headiness. They are only out to undermine the president if he is not from their party.

Mark from Philly

Well, well, well

Well, s@#thead!

How about talking next Monday morning about the three Middle Eastern types who were captured en route to perpetrating a massive blow against America that would have made 9/11 look anemic. You spoke of these guys this morning (Friday, November 13th) as if it were a proven fact that they were terrorists out to strike a massive blow against America. Now we know all of that to be a lie. While you may not have known it to be a lie when you read that info to America with such relish, you know it to be a lie now. But, you lack the balls, the decency to stand up and say that your latest diatribe against Arab and Islamic Americans is a crock of s@#t.

You are a frigging fascist who relishes seeing our civil liberties  taken away, seeing people arrested and held without charges being made or any finding of wrong doing. You openly promote hatred in order to improve your anemic ratings and to try to take your "rightful" place alongside Rush  Limbaugh and I concluded a long time ago that scum like you have waited for this opportunity to incarcerate and silence those whom you deem to be liberal, pro-Palestinian, progressive, or who simply stand in the way of you fascist destroying the Bill of Rights. But, you will deny this of course. You support the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms! How disgusting! You support this only because you think that only right wing fascists like you have arms. If you believed that people like me owned arms equal to those  hat you and your fellow nazis own, you would not be so protective of the Second Amendment.

You wrap yourself in the flag so self righteously. I realize that you are only trying to imitate the King of Hate, Rush Limbaugh, but you try to speak constantly as a "patriot." Instead, you are a disgrace to patriotism. Had you lived in Nazi Germany, you would have been a follower of Goebbels and you would have fit right in with him and his propaganda machine. The difference between you and Goebbels is that Goebbels acted from nutty, misguided principles; you act solely for lucre. I suspect that you know the evil and hatred you are spewing. Yet, you continue because you make money from fanning the bigotry, the narrow-mindedness of the far right. You openly promote hatred of Islam and Arabic people. You have no  conscience and any effort to appeal to it is a waste of time. So, I make no such appeal to you as decency and fascism are utterly incompatible. You, like Rush Limbaugh, have been a miserable failure at everything you did until you discovered demagoguery. I also suspect that being the fascist that you are, you hate Jews also!! Interesting how you can twist and turn to promote your twin objectives of the fascist cause and making money for yourself.

This letter is for my benefit and not for yours. I simply want to have a record that shows I opposed the evil you and Rush Limbaugh and your jackals promote on hate radio. I want the day to come when I can point with pride to having denounced you as the scum that you are and that evil people like you never fooled me for a minute. I realize that the true axis of evil is Donald Rumsfield, Dick Cheney, and John Ashcroft. So, I know that you and the axis of evil hold all the cards now. f(The center of dumb is George you well know but as you would steadfastly deny.) But, I want everyone to know that scum like you will never stop me from standing up for what I believe. I also know that we are perilously close to promotion of killing of those who may hold unpopular views. You, of course, will be in the forefront of that battle. I know that you and the scum that you align with are perfectly willing to subvert the constitution, destroy our civil liberties, and do whatever else may be necessary to suppress dissent in this country. You will even gleefully take our lives. Have at it! Heil Ashcroft! Heil Rumsfield! Heil Cheney! Heil s@#thead Beck! (Gives you a warm feeling to say those words, doesn't it?)

Scumbag Mother f@#ker! I may have a middle eastern name but my family has been here since the 17the century. And that is probably a lot longer than you, you frigging Nazi pig. You may plot and plan to destroy our liberties but you will have a fight every step of the way, scumbag.

Yusuf Isak

You're a piece of s#@t

I hear today (09/15) your program about warcrimes and it was a pity to know that you are using your important comunication vehicle to make a lier jewish propaganda.

Those men were killed because they helped Israel to kill lots of palestinians.So they were israeli fingers and spies inside palestinian people and helped them to kill palestinians.

So you don't like the idea of being dragged on the streets.How about being bombed by F-16 inside your own house.Is it right to you , piece of s@#t. Is it a legalized terrorism? Answer me piece of s@#t.Maybe you like this,because as a american,you are used with the idea of bombing another countries from 10.000 feet of altitude.

You should have studied this subject better and maybe if you were inside a Jennin house when Israel destroyed it ,you should not be here saying all this s@#t today.

F@#k you.


Get off the air

You need to keep your personal opinions to yourself!!!! You need to be taken off the air and thrown in Jail!!!! You are a disgrace to our country.



Glennbeck, you are a prime example of what people all over the world call, The Ugly American.

you are all talk and no substance.

Hitler would have been proud of of you rascist pig. In his time he would have put you in charge of the gas chambers and you would have loved your job.

You know what the problem with America is today? There are too many loudmouthed LOSERS like you. Your contribution to America is bigotry and hatred. I am cinvinced Satan is very proud of you.

What you fail to realise is that it is not what YOU think of yourself but what OTHERS think of you. is that too hard for you to comprehend?

Dropping an A bomb (or two) on innocent women and children is not something to feel proud of, you weasel!

I feel sorry for the minority of Americans who do not share your filthy views.



Just sent you an email, and got an automated reply. It states that you're on vacation. Make it a permanent one, PLEASE!!!


(no subject)

Made a serious error this morning. Tuned in to station WLAP in Lexington and came across 13 seconds of dead air before your inane commentary re. the Middle east began to spew from my trucks speakers. You are such an expert on Middle Eastern morality and on the ambiance of the state of Qatar that I was riveted to the radio. Then I realized it was only the same moron I had tuned out several months ago and your stupidity hadn't abated. When WAS the last time you visited the Middle east??

While still a conservative in the Hannity, Limbaugh mold, I still think you are an abomination and an embarrassment to that conviction. Your falsetto voices are so pathetic they can't be considered seriously.
In short, you are one sorry jerk Beck. Give it up!!!!

G. Bluder
Danville, KY

You've got Square Root problems

I have a liberal arts degree (ironically, in radio, television, and film) and even I can figure out this simple math. The square root of one is one. So this guy needs a billion dollars to teach meditation to 1 percent of the population. If there are 6 billion people in the world, one percent is 60 million. Now calculate how much it costs per person.

Your producer is an idiot. You can't get a larger number from a square root. To use a simple example, the square root of 9 is 3. The square root of 4 is 2. A square is a number times itself. One times one is one.

Lee Davis


Your whole program is obnoxious. You don't take callers because you can't stand anyone challenging you on your idiotic viewpoints.


Your feed loud and clear in Canada

Just started listening to you in Canada, and I have to say if nothing else your show is truly a public service to all those in middle America who can not comprehend the big words used on CNN and such. Listening to your show gives them a good understanding of exactly who to hate and who to blame for their own self inflicted problems.

In closing I would like to add that it is very puzzling how such a self proclaimed brilliant nation, most Americans did not learn a damn thing from September 11th. Mr. Beck, you and your single syllable listeners should understand that the attacks on America have always been and will always be a direct result of your foreign policies.

Thank You for taking the time to read this E-mail.
Edward Greenland

P.S. after a little researching on who writes your paycheque it is now very clear to me why you have such pro-Israel views. Blind faith is so sweet when paid for, however add a few alcoholic induced flashbacks and you are in heaven.

Your true cause........

Hitler was invading and conquering Europe.Saddam is not invading anyone. The Bush family made their money by banking for Adolf,and a construction company that built buildings later used as concentration camps and gas chambers

If you do believe in God ,admit that you are wrong and stop feeding the Israeli bulls@#t mill. They declared themselves as a Zionist State and their goal was to rebuild the Temple Mount.(An Islamic holy site) Oh,and a site of a temple destroyed 17 Centuries ago !!!!!!!!!! And did I mention not on their land?

Ho hum...sounds like they are just as religiously fanatical as the Muslims.But can't say the truth on the Americam media.but if you want a Crusade for your Jewish Masters who called the Virgin Mary a slut who got banged up by a Centurion and Jesus a bastard,that's fine by me.

I guess that your inadequacies and greed overcome the truth.How much are you being paid to encourage a third world war and the death of many people around the world?

I note that you won't pick up a gun and fight,and neither will your daughters.

Just move to Israel you un-American asshole.


comments on todays broadcast

There are many personalities on radio and TV that I don't like, can't stand even. However, I have never in my life written a note to express my dislike until now. Your radio program is dreadful and it is an embarassment that you would have enough listeners in this country to support your broadcast.

When you first came on in New Haven I listened on and off for a while. I quickly was turned off and now rarely listen. I feel that you overdramatize everything in an obvious attempt to sensationalize and make your point of view seem important. Truly you have very little to say. I realize that most of the media works on the same premise, but I think you have sunk to new lows. You speak as though you were some great prophet of wisdom and insight when I instead find you boring, very short sighted, misinformed, and way too interested in hearing yourself speak.

What has caused me to write in to you today is that I cought a few minutes of your boadcast. You were doing a comedic bit with 2 voices. YOu were speaking both voices in an absurd conversation. It wasn't very witty or funny. What makes it really terrible is that it is a complete rip-off of Phil Hendrie's show. Do you have no shame? Are you willing to try anything to be funny or attract your listeners. Do you have no integrity for coming up with your own ideas?

It is a shameless thing when you so clearly steel someone elses idea and give them no credit. Please take more responsibility for what you do on the air. You are a public figure and ought to be an example as an upstanding citizen. Especially since you say you are a Christian. Have some morals and be honest about where you get your ideas. Don't be manipulative. Instead of being a role model and actually helping America in this pivitol time, you are a petty thief who goes for cheap thrills for money regardless of what kind of poison you might be implanting in the minds of people who are so trusting of authoritative voices they hear on the radio.

I eagerly await the day (and I am convinced it will happen) that your program is removed from the New Haven station. I sincerely hope you find another line of work that you are good at in an honest and positive way.

Daniel Kellogg

What's with the fat-bashing?

I am very offended at the fat-bashing bits you have been running yesterday and today on your show.

I have to admit I only listen when driving in my car for lunch so I may be getting this out of context - but I heard the same bit two days in a row in the third hour near the end of your show, and today, two of these within 15 minutes! As the gist of these is that fat people (especially women) have no reason to live and should kill themselves, I find this goes beyond the realm of good taste and satire (if that's what this is) and is outright cruel and mean-spirited.

I am married to a woman of size and I can tell you there are lots of guys who would love to date that woman who sits in the 300-sq-ft apartment with her cat (but better if she has a dog!) We were very offended by the Fat Bastard character in the second Austin Powers movie and when we found out he was in the new one too, we decided to not go see it. Your bits make Fat Bastard seem benevolent.

I just want to know why you have to play something so mean and hateful on your show. There is nothing wrong with poking a bit of fun at someone but that is ridiculous.


You are a creep!

Shut the hell up Glenn. I love dogs and cats but I don't like what you are saying right now. You need to talk about more important things than this. Like when are we going to invade Iraq, is Hilary Clinton running in 2004, will Senator leiberman depose Bob Reubin? What about that you dope you.



What the hell was your cat thing about? You're my favorite radio host, and you rarely annoy me; this was one of the "rarelys." If I heard you for the first time today, I'd think you were an idiot with nothing funnier to say. I own two cats, and even I totally support making fun of nasty cat women and people who are repulsively close to their pets, as well as giving animals rediculous rights. But you sounded like a lame jerk who's desperately trying to be funny about something that just isn't funny to almost everyone; that's like mocking people who like hamburgers, it just isn't funny. Cats = Cockroaches? Why don't you alienate the dog-owning population next, and compare them to termites? Dumb move, Glenn, and I'm saying that because you're one of the few people in the media whom I still actually like.


You have managed to piss me off

I am sure that you are trying to make a point, but the fact is, you just lost me and many other listeners. I happen to have a pet cat and I love him. He is a good companion and I have never had to worry about mice or rats. I am totally insulted by what you said about cats and people who have cats. Heavenly Father gave us cats to protect us from mice and rats. Our society has made cats pets and now they depend on us for their care. I won't be listening to you any more. Bye-bye.


(no subject)

Hi Glenn and Stu. Today I gave up on Glenn Beck. Sad to say, I had thought you were a bombastic and altruistic muckraker but you are no more than a pretentious self promoter of the Howard Stern genre. When I first heard you, I thought we had a lot in common. We were both of German Heritage, former alcoholics, former Catholics, had a crazy childhood, with weight problem and you were astute enough to realize comcast sucks. You seemed to be taking some hard hits on tough subjects. But you hit, then weave, then pat yourself on the back and you put your tail between your legs and run. You don't have the guts to go all the way, you back off before you really would have to take on the big boys. There was a radio personality named Irv Homer in Philadelphia who didn't quit or take the easy way out when he uncovered troublesome items. That's why he was never syndicated because he would not sell out on an issue. Enjoy your money, call Stern you can hang out. Or maybe Rush will accept you now that you are an insider. Give Michael Moore a call he can help with some ideas on Glenn and me. Good luck and continued success.
Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.
You're gonna go far, fly high,
You're never gonna die,
You're gonna make it if you try;
They're gonna love you.
Well I've always had a deep respect,
And I mean that most sincerely.
The band is just fantastic,
that is really what I think.
Oh by the way, which one's Pink?
And did we tell you the name of the game, boy,
We call it Riding the Gravy Train.

We're just knocked out.
We heard about the sell out.
You gotta get an album out.
You owe it to the people.
We're so happy we can hardly count.
Everybody else is just green,
Have you seen the chart?
It's a helluva start,
It could be made into a monster
If we all pull together as a team.
And did we tell you the name of the game, boy,
We call it Riding the Gravy Train.

Insider Sucks

Signup for the InsiderThe more I think about it the more it makes me sick how you are using the web page to make money. I am SO DISGUSTED WITH YOU LOVE OF MONEY that I deletec several days of archived radio shows that I hadn't yet listened to. I can't stand the thought of lining your pockets with more money.

And all that crap I believed you were sincere about over the last 6 months.

You are the best actor in the business. Too bad you are just another Howard Stern. Show and do whatever it takes to get listeners so you can make more money than you need.

Now what was all that talk about Iverson? He may have more integrity than you. At least he didn't try to hoodwink us.

Back to listening to my CD's.

Dear Listener X,

How did I hoodwink you? How do you know how much money is "MORE THAN I NEED"? Do you know what it costs to pick papayas in Figi? A ton more than I have, that's for sure. And I really like papaya.

I don't get it. If you want the radio show for free, IT IS THERE FOR FREE. Sponsors like Select Comfort are footing the bill. The Web site is something that I have paid for over the years because I knew someday it would make me money. When Premiere brought me on board, we talked about the Web site. They DO NOT ALLOW shows to stream for free. They own the show distribution rights. However, many people would like to hear the show away from the radio. I asked them to allow me to stream it for free UNTIL they had the equipment installed in the new studios. They agreed.

You will see that Art Bell, Jim Rome, Phil Hendrie and Dr. Laura all offer the same price for streaming. We are all Premiere shows. This is the way PREMIER offers streaming. Believe it or not, the Internet is competition to many of our stations and it is extremely expensive to do RIGHT. This is why companies like CBS never offer their shows on line.

Rush's online is priced differently. What can I say, other than: He is Rush. When you get to be that big, you can get the company to bend the rules for you. However, if you look at all of the offers currently on line, is still the best deal out there for what the insider gets every month. And believe me, we are just starting.

Today I offered my insiders 55 minutes of commercial free show. In addition to the usual show. First off this should demonstrate that I am willing to work for your business, and second it should make you question who paid for the transponder 'space' time?

On a more positive note, because of the Insider, a guy who has worked for me for peanuts for 2 years with the promise of "if we hit it big, you will be able to quit all of your part time jobs and work on this full time," Chris Brady is now an official employee of Premiere Radio and my program. So you see, it's not just about the big guys ... hard-working guys like you are living a dream, too.

God bless America. The land where if you can dream of a better way to offer a service and then DO IT, you can make money for your work.

Thanks for listening and writing. Now I have to go lock my wife outside naked, knock down a door in the middle of the night, and threaten someone's life.



If you would like to see what subscribers of the Insider think about this new service - click here.

Hey Moron, "Small Wonder" Ran Four Seasons!

Thanks again for being an ignorant moron! I heard your negative remarks about the sitcom "Small Wonder," and I don't appreciate them. The show ran for more than "two episodes" like you claim.

For your information.........(long pause for "dramatic" effect)........Small Wonder ran four seasons and almost 100 episodes!

I'm not surprised you would attack a nice, family show like this. Next time, get your facts straight before you go off attacking something wholesome and fun.

One quick question: Is it too late for me to sign up
for the INSIDER? NOT!!!

You Suck,
R. Hovorka

unfunny bits and your whinny voice

 Is there some reason that you have such long pauses between sentences?
Do you have trouble with the big words and have to think about them before you pronounce them?
Sometimes the pauses are so long that I wonder if you have gone off the air.
Speed it up. I know that you do not have a great deal of topics and have to stretch the weak ones that you have.
Here is some good advice. Cut down on the bits that you think are funny, they are not. You come across as stupid.
Your voice also sounds as if you are whinning.
I hope that this advice helps you, cause I am going to tune you out if the show does not get any better by next week.

please get a job

I confess I have an unhealthy tendency to refrain from tuning out bad radio programs.

Once I start listening to a radio show that offers uninteresting drivel, I go on listening, wondering if such a phenomenally talentless "radio personality" could ACTUALLY be entirely deficient. WHY would any radio station present a talkshow hosted by a young man with the intellectual ability of a below average twelve-year-old boy?

My main concern is that such dreadful, pointless radio programming might be indicative of the intelligence of the American public. No wonder the U.S.A. is mostly show and very little substance.

I DO hope you will be able to find a real job soon, Mr. Beck.



vomiting on live radio is absolutely disgusting ! normally, you have one of the most entertaining radio shows around and i've lived in denver, houston, austin and dallas; so i've heard a lot of different shows; but that is just disgusting. it's not juvenille like farting on air, it's just plain gross. please tape something like that first next time and see if others arent disgusted by listening to the tape before trying it. if any adults actually thought that was funny and ok'ed it for live air, they really need help.


Not Needed or Wanted

While I realize that sarcasm is part and parcel of your radio show, I neither wanted or needed to hear your routine in which you got "sick" and "vomited" in a wastepaper basket while talking about Janet "el Reño's" 'dance' party. You performed this routine near the end of yesterday's radio show, and again first thing in today's show.

It is "humor" like this that has caused me to stop watching 99% of today's so-called sitcoms. Shock humor never has been and never will be my forté.


Insider Crapola

Signup for the InsiderI am an avid listener when I am within listening range of the one station within the state of Wisconsin that carries your program. I travel quite frequently with my job and always looked forward to coming home at night and relaxing with a frosty beverage next to my computer and catching up on all that I missed from that day.

Now, with the Insider, you've gone stupid on us and are trying to squeeze out every nickel of our hard earned blue collar dollars to pad your pockets and pay for that fancy new office. I feel slighted by the only radio talk show I was loyal to. You've gone "Hollywood" on us and I don't like it.

I will let my money do the talking with a deafening silence. I don't feel you are doing the right thing with your loyal listeners and your quest to help make this a better world will slowly dwindle till you're just another has been. I am not the only person who has this opinion-so maybe you better open your ears and your website.

Thanks for the short "ride" as I will dig up my motivational CD's and take my listening elsewhere.

Craig S.


Glenn, I take issue with your comments to the 53 year old woman whom you ridiculed on the radio today because she lost her job and noone would hire her at her age. Your derogatory comments about her Master's Degree and your later insinuation that she probably wouldn't take the job delivering auto parts got my goat. I wonder how you would feel about this issue if this was your father's situation, or better yet, when you are 53 and a more glib 38 year old talk show host replaces you and you are out there delivering auto parts. Please don't ridicule a person who probably worked hard to get the education, did not sponge off of the government, and probably shares your political views. People like her built the country while you were in diapers.

Glenn's biggest mistake!

I have told so many people about you and your show/website, and now I can't see "page two" because I don't have a credit card, I will have to stop listening to the show because, without access to your website, it's pointless!

Signup for the InsiderI thought Glenn Beck was different, I thought Glenn Beck looked out for the "little guy", but now I see the truth... Glenn Beck is a greedy ego-maniac, that doesn't care about anything but the bottom line, which will fall as fast as the stock market is. If you would give us the insider for free, you would be building a huga base of loyal, thankful fans, instead of people like us who are left behind, wondering what happened to the guy we looked up to.

Thanks for nothing,

P.S After 9/11 I would have thought we were all together, but now I see it's still money (or gold in your case) that your after, dividing us along the way!


The long pauses

I don't know why you put criticism of your long pauses in the hate mail but those people are right. The long pauses are really annoying and it not only turns me off but it also turns off many others. Other than that your show is pretty good but I just can't listen long enough because of those darn long pauses you make. Something to think about if you want to be on 200 or 300 stations.


Hey Glenn,

A word of advice about the Insider: Next time you roll out a slick piece of technology during live airtime, try to find a tech who doesn't sound like he's calling in from a friggin' tractor pull in Hog Jowls, Alabama.

That guy must have said "y'all" at least 5 times... For a while I actually thought you were doing a bit!

Question: Do I get a free can of chewin' ta-baccee' if I join?

Talk to y'all later,


Sure, sign up for two years and our webmaster will send you out an autographed used container of Skoal, pre-chewed of course.



Signup for the InsiderSorry my opinion has changed so much about you. I was a faithful afternoon listener until you got too Lazy to work the 3 hours. Now I have to Listen to some morning dip s@#t that don't know nothing...
I'm 27, I've told hundreds of people about your show, many have continued to view your web site. Now your wanting to charge people for your web site. Now I'm Mad...Your Too Lazy to work for a living so now you want to charge folks for links to news that Others have taken time to Write...You don't have the rights to there PUB's, shame on you.....and Get Off MY RADIO!!

But that's just my opinion, you Freak......


I got too lazy to work the 3 hours? I work harder now than I did at FLA. And charge for the website? I have hired people full time to make the site better. We have spent thousands to upgrade the audio. I'm sorry, is this America or am I required to spend money to give stuff away?

If you do not want to use the website then don't use it. However, I do a RADIO SHOW, if you would like to access EXTRA material other than the broadcast -- because we have chosen to make it much higher quality and include much more content you will have to help defray the cost while, yes, enriching us. It is after all a business. But I do believe you get more use and entertainment EVERYDAY out of the insider than you would ONE movie a month ... which by the way is $2 more expensive.

Sorry your opinion has changed.

You Sold Out

From day one, I have loved your show and have been an avid listener and proponent from the day you began broadcasting down here in the Tampa Bay area. Yea, it took me some time to "get it" but I do and relate. I have tried on a daily basis to bring others into the fold.

Here is the thing though.. What's with the Insider thing? You were different because you were you. Now, your selling yourself. Making your fans Pay to continue to be your fans. Or at least to get into a perceived inner sanctum. I got so tired of listening to Rush's promotion his pay subscription on a daily basis that I tune him out completely. How this goes with you remains to be seen. I just really dislike the light that comes with this "pay me a subscription fee and you can be closer to me crap". What happened to the "I'm just an ordinary guy behind a microphone" guy I grew to like. Show takin off goin to your head? Don't you get enough from your sponsors on your  nationwide radio network? Don't get me wrong Glenn, I really admire and relate to you on many many levels. I  wish you luck but I really think you have crossed the line into the world of cooperate commercialization.

M. West
Orlando, Fl

Money, Money, Money

I see you are entering the phase of your carrier where you start milking the audience for a buck. I have enjoyed your website with it's access to news stories. Now I will have to cough up 50.00 bucks to access this information. NO WAY!! It's too bad that as your popularity grows so does your greed. I will continue to listen to your show however until you guys figure out to "pay-per listen" the audience. It should be enough for me to listen to, and support the sponsors of you're program. How much money is enough!!

P.S. I can't wait to see the new "Glen Beck Necktie Collection" available at "Give It All To Glen Store.Com"


Insider and Pauses

Will you also edit out all of your …. pauses for the insider archive broadcast of your show? That may cut out another 30 minutes.


This Glen Beck program is really obnoxious. You better be glad wfla radio is no longer a media general holding. This so called show is second only to rush limbaugh. YUK!


you are big hypocrite

i was listing to you for while sometime i agree sometime dont but today i didnt like and i dont have any respect for you because you a hypocrite and liar first you would be stupid if you or your boss think that the palstenian sacrifice their self for virgin no no no they do that for their children who been killed by Israeli tank murdered in cold blood i think you seen that but you been hypocrite . and you call the palastinin a terrorist way because they defends their self i now i cant chang any think becaus you get paid for that by you boss ....



I've been listening since Sept. and I often wonder- do you have Tourettes Syndrome? Every time you pause, are you turning off your microphone so you can shout profanities while slapping yourself in the face? I hope so.

Anna from Connecticut


First, this is not hate mail. The pauses you constantly use,to an extreme, are irritating. I know they are for emphasis ,but, enough is enough. If you don't have enough to say cut the time of your program where you don't have to do this.

C. Bargeron

Quit Pausing!!!!

I try to listen to the program; however, when
pause while
I find
very annoying!!!!!!! Is your audience that slow witted or do you not have enough to say to fill the air time? Make your point and get on with it!!!!!

Mark W.


Why do you make those huge, long pauses in your presentation when you are telling about something which has happened? It doesn't add suspense, or intrigue, or make it sound more profound - it only irritates everyone I've ever discussed it with. Geez, Glenn, you are syndicated now - leave the dramatics on the cutting room floor.


you must be aiming for the redneck or lowere i.q. public. your comments are so ridiculous that i can1t think an average person would take any of you stupid remarks seriously. what you said about danny pearl should have gotten you throqn off the air. you are one sick bastard.

High -pitched voice

Glenn, get your voice fixed. Or maybe your shorts are too tight. You`re getting up to a high "C" at times.


Stop with all these two hour pauses between words!!! It's all out ridiculous!!


I take your little segment about condoms and AIDS as the typical conservative rhetoric about abstinance or just say no or don't spread your legs........Can you please come up with a better answer to the problem than to end all irresponsible human sexual behavior? Something a little more  realistic?.....There's thousands of teenagers planning to make whoopie tonight. Now what do you want to do about it? Sit on your ass talking about abstinance? Let's just assume that many young people are not going to wait for marraige to have sex and NOTHING is going to change that. You can preach  or whine until doomsday. For any young man or woman planning to have intercourse this evening, thus rejecting the abstinance option, their best policy is to use a condom.


Iverson is a thug???

I'm not defending Allen Ivo, but to put him in the thug category for appearances is as wrong headed as blaming all whites who like NASCAR "rednecks". His is an image. If two joints and a gun places one in the thug category, then I've got a lot of otherwise decent, family oriented friends of both races who are thugs to the core. Of course, they have licenses to carry, and they smoke infrequently, but according to your logic, they're thugs. Allen Iverson dons the image of the "bad boy" for its remarkable qualities to attract the masse.

Beck has to be more specific in his commentary, else he becomes as seemingly bias as the liberal press, which convienently leaves out details in order to prove their own point and further their own agenda. Of course Iverson's wife was not literally naked, as Beck seeks to have it. She was also not fully clothed, but to hear Beck, she was thrown into the street bare as a blue jay. Iverson didn't "break down the door", he knocked, and when it was opened he stormed in. I think Beck can explain his case sufficiently without the hyperbole, which Beck must be doing to foster negative opinion.

Allen Iverson has done some things which should not be trivialized or allowed, but it is not now time to revert to the same tactics used by the press when they attack a "right wing conservative". Following the motto of FOX NEWS, simply report, we'll decide. Give us the facts, and all the facts.

Obnoxious Noise

I like your program very much, but do not often listen because I cannot stand the hideous "noise" (that's about the only way I can describe it) that is played when going into or coming out of a break. It just grinds at you and I have to turn it off, and most of the time do not come back to your program. Please, Please do something about it. It ruins an otherwise excellent program.



Hey, why not have Michael Moore on your show since you guys fit the description in his bestseller, "Stupid White Men"!!!


George Washington as a "Founding Father"

To my knowledge, George Washington did not have a hand in the writing of founding documents of this country. Wasn't he a general?

He is the "Father of Our Country" because of his actions on the field of battle, and ask to be king and president because of his leadership abilities, not his political or religious beliefs, and ultimately the first president (thus the "Father"). Stormin' Norman was a great general too, but I don't want him as president, or a creator of political policy...


George Washington

I would like to make four points about George Washington and separation of church and state(which is, by the way, protected by the freedom of religion clause in the first amendment).

1. You read from George Washington's farewell adress and mentioned that it warned Americans about how to preserve their freedoms. What you neglected to say, however, is that the biggest and most famous warning from Washington's farewell address is agaisnt POLITICAL PARTIES. Yourself being a dire-hard republican, it is obvious that you don't heed every warning of George Washington. On the other hand, you probably still believe you are free. So was George Washington wrong? Is that possible? It seems that either he was or you are.

2. This ruling is not in any way hurting the right of people to live whatever religion they choose. It is simply saying that government cannot choose to support certain religions, even if they are followed by the majority of the citizens, and ignore others. The students are still allowed to insert "under god" when
they state the pledge just as I am allowed to refuse to say the pledge or parts of it that I don't believe to be true. All this ruling does is limit the ability of the government to suggest the validity of certain religious beliefs, it in no way limits the expression of religious beliefs.

3. You said that religion was neccessary for freedom. Isn't this at best hypocritical? I don't know. How can it be said that we are free when we are being forced to believe certain beliefs?

4. Freedom of religion and freedom from religion are the same thing except you separate atheists and non-judeo/christians from the freedom of religion, calling free religion rights to all freedom from religion. Freedom of religion, when applied to all Americans, is the same as what you call freedom from religion. But it is only freedom from having religion forced upon citizens by the government.

Hey Glenn

Glenn Beck knows " the truth" about the complete intent of some men 200 plus years ago.......Hey Glenn, when you finish using your time machine and conducting interviews, may I borrow it.

Wesley Powell

P.S.------Hold it, I don't need the time machine-----The constitution is very brief and very vague on a multitude of subjects. In fact, so brief and vague it stands to reason that the founders intended it that way. To give lee-way to future generations in making decisions, about distant future issues that the founders knew they could not even conceive of.....Example----The founders could certainly have been much more specific about the impeachment and removal clauses....They could have outlined item by item what was cause to remove a President from office. They did not....The clause is so short and subject to interpretation, that it gave us the ability to make our decision in the 20-21st century, free from some pedantic set of specific rules written 2 centuries earlier.....This same thing goes for almost the entirety of the constitution.....This is the genius of the founders...If we were to know the exact intent and will of the founders, the constitution would be a 1 million page document.

thank god for seperation of church and state

Religion has caused more harm around the world than the good it has done. As far as our forefathers, remember they owned slaves yet we know slavery is wrong. In god we trust on money was only put there for a political rally for the north when the south succeded. God is based on faith, faith is not  fact. Religion's down fall is it leads it's followers to the ultimate demise. They become fanatics and try to tell everyone else how screwed up they are. Yet in their own backyard they neglected to clean it up,, example the widespread corruption in the CATHOLIC church, Coalition that hates gays, baptists that devalue women and the intolerance it brings on others> People are sick and tired of others trying to oppress them with their religous views. it always happens in the name of GOD.

Gina a true AMERICAN

June 25th show

Dear glennbeck, the title of your June 25th show could easily be "radio talk-show host cuts his own throat." Did it ever occur to you that probably all of your radio audience agrees either partially or fully with your guest from the KKK. He made some good points, while you sounded like a complete fool. I don't hear you talking to much about what is happening to white people down in Zimbabwe. Perhaps he's right and you are a race-traitor. I'll keep listening occasionally to your show. I have a feeling you're not going to be on here in Cleveland much longer.Certainly not if you present too many shows like todays'.

Cleveland Hts.

Archived Hatemail


why do talk show hosts talking about the kkk always use a white souther accent?you never use a black inner-city accent when talking about the hate blacks have for said yourself that your experience with the south was no different than the racism you experienced in other parts of the also said the kkk preaches never say anything about the hate that is taught in black churches.that is really preaching.I agree that the kkk has gotten a lot negative press from mainstream you need to attack whites because you feel self-hate.there is an attack on white people,not only in this country,but across the world.if you can't see that,it is because you don't want the way,I got through twice and was told that you weren't answering my call.thanks.

james woods


I look forward to your show every morning. It's a nice way to start the day.

I was disappointed today.

The saying "the opposite of love is hate" has been around ever since I can remember. To try and make your point you conveniently changed it. That was weak.

If your mother really did tell you the opposite of love is indifference (which sounds Clintonesque) you should realize not everything she said was true. After all you didn't go blind did you?

I hope you get back on track and have a nice show again tomorrow.

removing doubt

I know it's in your nature to be a sarcastic S.O.B. but when dealing with a nit wit like the KKK caller you had on the other day you would be better advised to keep quiet.

You damage your position by being rude and condescending. Play it straight, let the man talk, then ask simple questions with your hand on the "dump" button.

If he doesn't answer your question take him off the air and let him know that while you are willing to let him explain his position you expect him to, as a curtsey to answer pointed questions with pointed answers.
This guy would have made as ass of himself within 2 minutes. A person with a faulty philosophy has NO defense.

Remember what Mark Twain said:
"It is better to hold your piece and be thought of as a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Jerry in NC

Dann Blathering Bleck

>>Dear Moron,
>> You profess to "know it all",however,you're sounding like a blathering IDIOT this morning!
>>Whereas I usually listen to you and agree,because I can normally figure your sarcasm out.
>>Actually,this show is disturbing me quite a bit.I tend to agree a lot with the ideals of the KKK,
>>but don't hate enough to join.What can you tell me about the Black & Middle East A-holes
>>that plaque our country's cities and the rest of the world.Am I a racist?Stop your never-ending
>>contradictions and you may interest me tomorrow. I thought you were smarter than this.
>> Paul in OH.


GLENN:i do not understand how you could have gotten on the air anywhere in new england.i know charlie jefferds personnally.he fired mort downey jr.i knew the program directors for WAAF,WCOZ,WBRU,WBCN,WVBF,WHJY and WPRO am and fm.WHAT DID YOU BRIBE THEM WITH?DO YOU PAY $200,000.00PER STATION LIKE BILL O'REILLEY DOES?I heard you on KPRC.i was glad when you and pat gray were on vacation,because david gold filled in,and he was rip off  bits from phil hendrie,tom leykis,michael soarce and mike o'meara(don and mike),don trachte(the greaseman)and even bits from steve hahn. You are a hippocrit for slamming art bell and then putting the story of the newly discovered planet on your website.Art Bell can do more of a show with a microphone,open phone lines and weather reports yanked from the newswire than you could do on your best day.Your show disappoints aren't funny,original,entertaining,informative,nor do you possess the ability to generate the connection that exists between radio talkshow hosts and the audience.Jay Marvin has more talent in his toenail than you could ever hope to attain in 35 years of radio broadcasting.I am waiting for HOWARD STERN to begin broadcasting on soon as he does,i will get XM and subscribe to a real morning drivetime program,even if i have to pay $3,000.00 per month.Go to school to become an do not belong in radio,unless you are trying to make us suffer for not paying for XM.

I wish you permanent laryngitis and much success as a C.P.A. Don in Houston Texas(listened from sept.15-18,2001 and june 12-14 2002)

George Harrison is an ingrate?

I couldn't agree with you more that Mr. Harrison is an ingrate for not showing up at Paul McCartney wedding the other day. How selfish of him to DIE FROM CANCER just a few months ago. You would think the very least he could do would be to put off his untimely death so he could attend this ceremony. The very least his heirs could have done was to dig him up and  bring his corpse to the ceremony.

As to your point of Linda McCartney not showing up, I both agree and disagree with your excuse for her absence. While a divorce can tend to make somebody bitter, at least Paul put his bitterness behind him long enough to attend her funeral when SHE ALSO DIED FROM CANCER a couple of years ago (while they were still married and living together by the way.) I guess if I was diagnosed with terminal cancer I would be a little bitter too, but you would think her heirs would have dug her up as Georges date.

If you would pull your head out of Rush's ass long enough to be informed, maybe you would have known these two people were sadly not with us anymore, and you wouldn't have made such a fool of yourself on the air today. Then again, probably not as it seems to be a common trait with all of you Rush wanna-be's. Stick to something you know, like the great folding dollar /  Sept. 11 conspiracy. And to think I thought you sucked when you were the grease man..

In closing, look at the bright side. There has to be a connection to  President Clinton in these deaths and you are just the man to expose it. Please take a lead from your God (Rush) and don't let facts get in the way either.

Another conspiracy I feel you need to look in to is the newly designed  one-thousand dollar bill. If you fold it just right it spells out "Rush is God" on the back, but on the front it clearly shows you blowing him. Please go back to being a tasteless DJ, only this time try listening to some
of the music you are playing...

Craig Christ


Get a life

Get a life Beck. Your not funny. I dont know why they keep you on the air. You want to rag on my president. Where do you get off a lowely talk show host and on radio at that. What gets me is you think your funny. Your not. You trying to joing the ranks of Savage and Linbaugh, well guess what it wont happen. You talk about child porn and the catholics really whatever is news  like it means something to you. We see right through you, you fake. Your the reason this country is in the shape its in. Do me a favor pull out in front of an 18 wheeler maybe they will put somebody on worth listening to.

Boooo to you today!

Linda McCartny did not attend Paul McCartny's wedding BECAUSE SHE DIED two or three years ago! She did NOT catch Paul cheating on her and she did NOT divorce him. Paul was with her when she died! They had a wonderful and solid marriage for many years.

George Harrison did not attend Paul's wedding BECAUSE HE DIED two or three months ago! You may work in the media everyday, but sure have missed LOTS! George died from cancer.

Mr. Beck...I know you feel that you are a really smart guy, but when you quit listening to anyone find out just how stupid you can become!

Todays show on WOWO Fort Wayne was the worst I have every heard you do and I will not put myself thru more.

Marshall, MI

Unfair to Art Bell...

I'm a big fan of you Glenn... But I believe you were unfair to Art Bell as well..

I can understand why you'd try to defend yourself... But I'd hope that you'd understand why people would feel that you were mis-representing what Art is all about...

And for the record, Art stayed as far the hell away from this UFO story around the WTC since day one. This footage has been around for awhile, and Art has gone out of his way not to address it. I think that if you were going to address it, you shouldn't do it under the auspices that another man was presenting it, which is how your presentation came across.

Best regards,


That caller had it all wrong: you didn't defame Art Bell by doing the 9/11 UFO bit.

You RIPPED OFF Phil Hendrie... and did a crappy job of it.




For god's sakes, stop this horse s*** about UFO's! Come on! You can't be that damn dumb!!! Art Bell is running a misinformation service, so why would you exploit the same damn thing and try to appeal to every uneducated prick in the country?

Get real!


I have enjoyed your show with the exception of one thing that has irritated me to the point that I have turned your program off in the last few days. The problem is.... DEAD AIR SPACE.
In your monologues you pause anywhere from one to three seconds after every word, or every few words. Your apparently trying to make some dramatic point and want it to sink in with you audience. But I'll bet it's having the opposite effect.
Please take this as constructive criticism. I don't know if your aware  of how your coming across to the public, but if you take the time to listen to one of your tapes, you'll see what I mean.
I'm sure your familiar with the condition known as 'sleep apnoea.' Well  I think you may have a new form called, 'talk apnoea.' Your supposed to be Talk Radio. Well Glenn, please start talking.
Best regards,
Ed Mazur
Treasure Island, FL


Such bullsit! You are so wrong about the thong underwear. PLEASE do not speak for women who wear it and claim to know why they wear it! Just because you, in all your maleness, think the only purpose is to be sexy does NOT mean you are correct. Stu is completely right when he says many women wear it for COMFORT. I was so thankful the day I discovered thong underwear and knew I no longer had to deal with the "riding up" and not fitting just right that came with briefs or bikinis. I am a very conservative dresser...nothing revealing...but according to you, I'm trying to be sexy by wearing an article of clothing that no one sees unless I get undressed. I get dressed in front of my 8 yr old daughter all the time and I'm not thinking about the influence of my thong underwear because my intentions of wearing it are not SEXUAL so it doesn't even occur to me. Should I not let her see my bra either? Now, if my daughter were to ask to get some I'd say, you can wear thong underwear when you are an adult, buying your own clothes. But, my daughter has never even asked about my underwear. I do agree that it's bizarre to market thong underwear to kids but I think the term "inappropriate" is not accurate and only comes to mind because so many men have deemed thong underwear to be sexual clothing. Yes, my husband loves my thong underwear and how I look in them but he knows I wear them for me, not him and that any "turn on" is solely a result of his thinking.

Bevin Strickland

You suck

You are so annoying to listen to due to the fact that you speak 1 word a minute! And you do it too damn often! Show that you intelligent enough to say a sentence within a minutes time. Quit the incessant pauses like you are saying something ultra profound constantly. 

Thank ```````````````````````````````````` you```````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````  and```````````````````````````````````````````````````` ``````````````````````````````````````` have````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` a````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` good ````````````````````````````````````````````` `````````````````````````````````````````````` `````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` `````````````````````````````````````````` day

Note: ```` = pauses in minutes.


I just read some of your "hate mail" and was glad to see others that
have the same beef that I do. Most of the time I enjoy listening to you. I
hate when you tell stories and try to sound all serious & sentimental. It
sounds like a bunch of bull. Your tribute to your mother sounded almost fake
or insincere. And you pause for so long that I end up thinking I've lost the
station or something. It's incredibly annoying, and now when you do it I
change the station. J

Story telling

Please: If you wish to tell a story , tell the damn thing. This overly long pausing is only causing frustration and eventual tuning out. No one needs to spend several seconds absorbing your presentation. Take a hint from the master Paul Harvey. He does not need to resort to this control tactic. Unless you have nothing else to fill in the time , please try speaking to us as if we have the ability to understand more than two or three words at one time. Try emulating one of the masters instead of the pitiful Phil Hendry.

your intro is a lie and you got a major market affiliate problem

You mention "enlightenment" in your intro.

You ignorant pompous blowhard you couldn't enlighten the
Dark side of the moon with an atom bomb.

Gee, Bill O'Reilly debuted with stations in L.A., New York and Chicago.
You've been on since September and you don't have ONE of the big 3 markets
for your show. And gee, no affiliates at all in Illinois. Gee, did
affiliate relations forget about the teensy weensy state of Illinois?


i really must object

C'mon; either you think we are stupid, or you are stupid, or you are not stupid and you just don't care. About what, you ask? It is sadly obvious that much of your so-called hate mail is written by die hard listeners to your program who just want to get their letter posted on your site. Letters like "Southerners Against Glenn Beck" and "Vicious Death Threat" and perhaps even "Your Jewfish Commercial" simply do not drip with the HATRED that you inspire in those of us that truly detest and despise what you do every day for three hours of my precious time (or 29 min. if you take out all the pauses).

The other option is that you write the hate mail to yourself in order to get attention for yourself and your site, the popularity of which you surely over report (2 million hits in one day, indeed!).

I wouldnt put it past you, you un-American, fat slob of an incestuous bigmouth.

David W. in Findlay, OH

Apology time?

I lost a bet and agreed to listen to WFLA for one month. On Mother's Day, a young zoo keeper made a tragic mistake and it cost her dearly as she lost her forearm to a Lion. Your response was a pathetically sophomoric mocking of the young woman...."Here kitty...kitty....nice kitty's some food for ya!" I was wondering if you still had a copy of that show...I'm sure her family, and maybe even the victim would love to hear your words of compassion...just might speed her recovery.

Had I been able to reach through the radio last Monday morning, your larynx would still be hanging from my rear view mirror. Your "Bio" contends that you just couldn't do "Top Forty" radio anymore...needed something more intellectually stimulating. Brass're a "shock jock" and little more than a "Limbaugh Lackey." So, keep deluding yourself, Glenn...dive into another bag of "Chocolate Bloat-O's" or what ever it is you use to keep your weight up. God forbid we are even 
distantly related.

Michael Beck
Sarasota, Fl.

You should be ashamed

I had the misfortune of hearing your "conspiracy theory" on the Sept. 11th attacks this morning. I find it vile and repulsive that you feel the need to boost your ratings while slandering our nation's government and propagating liberal, propaganda. To suggest that our government knew specifics of the attack well before it occurred, and knowingly ignored this to some how get the upper-hand politically is absolutely ludicrous! And then to take it a step further and suggest that the $20 bill was a sign to the terrorists of where and how to attack is even more outrageous!

One would hope that the US and its citizens (including shock-jocks like yourself) would never again revert back to their pre-Sept 11th form. Sept 11th, although the worst tragedy of my lifetime, should be viewed as a turning point in American history. A chance for America to come together and work harder for the common good in spite of the terrible peril that occurred on that day. An attempt by you and others to sensationalize the events of Sept 11th by using them as some sort of political weapon against the current administration is not only wrong, but shameful as well.

The days, weeks, and months that have followed Sept 11th have shown the great strengths of the American people. Our strength in an apparent time of weakness and our willingness to give our time, money, and in some cases lives to help those in need are only a few of these great attributes. Your message serves only to weaken and destroy the things that this country has gained since Sept 11th, despite the great loss that it has incurred. Messages such as yours today are not what this country needs, and in no way fosters or strengthens the true American spirit.

Ken Brown
Columbia, SC

Response: If you thought the $20 bill thing was serious, you have either been in school too long or not long enough. Sometimes people amaze me. glenn

Glenn Beck Radio Show

I usually listen to the Glenn Beck radio show for humor and a different perspective, but what I got today was pure garbage (i.e., syrup-like nonsense).

This routine began for me around mid-September of last year and it is time for change. Either Richmond's WRVA will move Dr. Laura's show back into the 9:00 - noon time slot or I will switch  to another local station (WLEE). Their new line-up I've heard described as unbeatable.

Jermaine Robertson



Regarding your "What did Bush know" show

I have to admit that your comments regarding the trials & tribulations of George Bush regarding what he knew about the 9-11 attacks really gave me a good laugh.

Frankly I don't think he really knew anything of substance regarding who, what or when . But I am not bothered by what the Democrats are doing. It's just politics! They ALL do that! Sure it's stupid but that's what those cretin do to get votes. If Gore were in the White House the Republicans would be doing it to him!

So stop whining about "poor old George". If he can't take the heat then  he should get out! To hear you almost get blubbery over what the Democrats are doing was laughable. Then you started saying that Bush was "our hope and inspiration" during that time! Oh PLEASE! Give me a break!!! What was so
"inspiring" about him?? You went on and on about how he was "there for us" etc. I was laughing by butt off that whole time! Then the real kicker was when you said we should send Georgie some flowers! FLOWERS??? Oh my God I almost fell off my chair!

Would sum flowers make po' widdle Georgie feel better. Awwww. You are living proof that the only difference between a Mormon and a moron is one letter.

And one more thing. As many other people have asked, what's with all the pauses? Whenever you want to be "serious" you talk in a real soft voice and put 10 to 20 second pauses between sentences. Do you think this impresses people? Do you think it makes people think that you "really care"? No, it just IRRITATES the hell out of people! It's a stupid gimmick! So STOP DOING IT!!! I heard you tell some story last week that could have been done in 2 minutes but you dragged the damn thing out to at least 10! I kept thinking "Get on with it! Get on with it!"

It seemed to take forever. And it was all because of those idiotic pauses! 

So knock it off or lose listeners.


Southerners Against Glenn Beck

The people of the South have tolerated Glenn Beck’s harsh treatment of the south for more than 2 years now. We’ve allowed Beck to eat our fried chicken (and by looking at how fat he is he eats a lot of it). We’ve tolerated his attacks on NASCAR. We allowed Beck to mock with the south with his, ‘I love my sister’ show. We’ve even allowed Beck to spew his message of hate about the Confederate flag. Yet we still listened.

However, where has this tolerance gotten us?

On the May 15th show of the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn Beck disgraced the South by mocking Lynard Skynard!

This is simply too much. We can not tolerate his hatred of the South any longer. This is a call for the entire South to boycott the Glenn Beck Program until he apologizes on the air for his disgraceful comments.

Sign our Petition:

Plant City, FL


first let me say u were much funnier when u were the greaseman. second, like limpball, u are either incredibly naive or stupid, if you believe gw is the pure of heart, moral man u think he is! are we supposed to believe in all the coincidences that have happened since the corrupt supreme court installed gw? did u know enron officials were in kabul in august 01, trying to talk the taliban into putting a pipeline thru afghanistan? or that the only planes allowed to fly u.s. skies besides fighters were picking up members of the bin laden family for their protection? or that the bush family business is deeply connected to the saudis and bin laden family who financed 9-11? as of your current statement that we want an honest politician... we had one in carter and he was and continues to be mocked!!! 

sincerely scott s


Dear Glen,
I heard you say today that we should all send pResident Bush Jr. some flowers or emails. What about PRAYING for him? You didn't say that we should PRAY for pResient Bush. he could use hour PRAYERS more than anything right now. You are always yammering on about GOD and your HOLY FATHER and all of that but you did not remeber to tell your listners to PRAY for the pResient. Maybe if you spent more time on your knees thanking GOD and not doing you know what to the liberal media, you would have realized that. 

Thanks, Gary Cyrill (a CHRISTIAN) 
Howey-In-the-Hills, Florida


Hitler used the "pause" (sometimes up to 20 minutes before he started speaking) after Gerbels introduced him. Its was widely known that this effective technique even made the hair of the SS stand on end.

Mr. Sluggo

David Duke

Please get off the Southerners back. Stop playing Southern rock. All Southerners are not redneck like Duke and you are insulting us. STOP!!!!


Please don't malign Lynard Skynard with David Duke. Skynard is anything but racist, Zionist like the dressed up David Duke. Duke is from Louisiana! Play Cajun music as it is more befitting the mentality of a Louisiana swamp dwelling inbred creature.

Rick Dailey

your jewfish commercial

Dear Mr. Glenn Beck

I have listened to your program off and on for the last few months on KTOK in Oklahoma city OK. I am sad to say I do not plan on listening to your show again. I have always thought some of your views were wacky but you were funny so I listened. I was very disappointed over the weekend when I herd a 30 second commercial it was your Jewfish song. I am here to tell you YOU are an anti-Semitic basterd pig. how dare you put something like that on national radio inferring that Jews are stinky. I hope other people complain about your so public views of being an anti-Semitic pig.

Michael L. Raff

a few gripes

1. Is the theme music supposed to be a joke? Glenn N n N n N n N Glen Beck/ Glen Nenn N n N nN nen Beck....its like a bad commercial that gets stuck in your head. Surely you guys can come up with something better.

2. It seems that anyone with an opposing view point ends up getting made fun of, or belittled. I don't find myself saying, "Right on Glenn- Great way to argue against that idiots point." If you're so enlightened why not try turn their argument around, or point out the holes using great counterpoints? There are plenty of times for jokes; don't act like an <underline>eighth grader</underline> and start cracking jokes, or screaming at your callers before they can even get their point across. You discredit yourself and your position when you pull all that crap.

3. When you have one of your drawn-out pauses when presenting a story I sometimes think my radio has turned off. KEEP IT MOVING!

If anything can change it can surely be that damn theme music! For
lack of a more descriptive or appropriate term, its just gay.

Thanks for Caring,
Dave Darby

Vicious death threat

Dear Ben Gleck,

I do not normally listen to AM radio, but I accidentally switched to it a little before noon today. As I was dialing through the stations, I heard something unexpected on AM radio. Music? I was hearing your "show" for the first time.

I am a pretty sharp guy, and it doesn't take me long to realise what is going on, Mr. Gleck.

I know what someone like you is all about. What I heard simply disgusted me.

You should know that I, and people like me, are ready for your lies and insulting ways. The Great Teacher has prepared us for your foolishness through his Great Teachings. Our Teacher teaches us of peace and love. We understand these teachings, unlike someone like you who just makes fun of things he does not understand. Maybe some Americans find you VERY funny, but I do not.

Having just come to America from a country where oppression is commonplace, I should be used to people like you, but it is still angering to hear you MOCK truth and goodness like that.

As I said, my Great Master has taught me of kindness and love, and in following with his teachings, I hope someone SLAUGHTERS YOU LIKE THE PIG YOU ARE!

There I was, listening to the the radio... listening to the Great Wayne Newton... and you, for some reason, decided to mock Mr. Newton by mixing in some Arab rambling on and on about... something, "a million" something or other, I don't know what. You thought it would be FUNNY to deface Wayne Newton's songs with this funny little act. Well, you were WRONG!

Just defacing "Dankeschein" by putting it on AM was bad enough (it deserves FM!), but some horrible karoake act by some tonedeaf Arab is just going too far! A tongueless mule can carry a tune better than that! Wayne Newton has given more to the world that you could ever dream of, and trying to mock him with some silly little voiceover just shows how pathetic YOU are. I hope you GROW UP and become a REAL DJ some day.

If you ever are brave enough to come to Philadelphia, where we respect a Great Master like Wayne Newton, you'd better watch your back, my friend. I'll be listening, and if you continue on this path, and make fun of, say, the Thompson Twins, I will be forced to act without delay!

Matthew Vulpio
The Wayne Newton Appreciation Society

Glenn- NIX on "Danke Schoen"!

I listen to your show to be entertained while driving and/or working, but when you play that insipid song by Wayne Newton, I switch to another station or turn off my radio. And two minutes into today's show I've already turned off the radio! Please don't torture your listeners by playing that song! 


"The Pause"

Over the last week, 4 of the times I turned on my radio to the station your on, at the time your on, I initially hear a silence (Your Pause) then you speak. This is at different times between 9am and 12 noon EST. Today your pause was constantly repeated as you told a story, the story I could not recall due to the fact that your pause was so often that it was idiotic, stupid and an overkill and overkill to the point that what you had to say lost it's own effectiveness. Try the pause less often and maybe people will begin to sit at the edge of their seat anticipating what you are about to say next.

So often and so ineffective; because it's (The Pause) is so often,
TOM, Orlando

u suckkk



heru tehuti

Brittany and wilfred



Your program

I'm an African-American woman who heard your program and I was alittle disgusted. I thought... more bigotry spreaded on the airwaves. Then I read your bio... I couldn't believe it. You do have feelings....(laughing) Still, I hear your strict and conservative views and I wonder my goodness. I still think at times you spread racial hate but hey you get paid. I wish I could get a radio show about the indifferences of mainstream America. Boy, I would be viewed so negatively. Well, I listen in Houston Texas and I always like listening to the views of Whites because it keeps me on my toes about mainstream American. Again, keep talking so I can continue to the inform others how American is no different now than it was in the 1950 thru 1970. Still separate and still hateful. What a great country in which we live !!!!

Thanks again
Arnetta Murray

So You Dissed Bob Hope

While the NBC 75th Anniversary Show did not represent a high mark in the television arts, it was enjoyable (at least most of it) to many. It seems you didn't get it, so I'll explain it to you. It wasn't about the star's lines on the show - it was about what they have done in the past. It was about remembrances - which brings us to Bob Hope. As long as he can draw a breath, he gets our respectful applause. His star shines with the brilliance of a hypernova. Yours will never have more luminosity than could be obtained from a matchbook match, damp from being in the pocket of a man with an overactive bladder. 

Marietta, GA

Your short-term American memory

Today, when you spoke in horror about the execution of Palestinian spies, you also mentioned that America would cease to exist (I think you said "we would DESERVE to have our land taken from us if...") we did such a thing to human beings. Do you forget that as of sixty years ago we WERE doing such a thing to our own citizens? Our people - yes AMERICAN citizens - used to have picnics with their whole families just to watch a black man get hung, or tarred and burnt, or beaten to death. No one was arrested, and yes Glenn, children were brought to these events to watch and participate. We were not at war (as the Palestinians are) nor were these men spies (they were simply dark-skinned).
I agree that these current murderous rampages are appalling, but let's admit that our own country is not beyond such savagery. Don't fool yourself.

Cincinnati, OH

war photos

What about blacks burned alive' hung' castrated and other photos. Ask not for whom the bell tolls if this country does not start looking to the LORD JESUS .

Palestinian War Crimes

Hi Glenn,
If I heard you correctly on today's show you were talking about how wrong
and inhumane the killings are of the Palestinians against other
Palestinians. I agree, however, I think you said "we have rules to do it
here" -- If I heard you correctly - - this is where I have an issue. What
difference does it make "how" your killed - - you are still killing -- that
is wrong, whether lethal injection or not.
Have a good day.

"war crimes" and your usual ignorance.

Please please please get some mental help.

You show these pics on your web-site,but call a no middle-east
day when the truth about the Israeli masacre is reported by the BBC.

Im sure that in your post manic depressant drug abusing and alcoholic days,
you yearn for the religious fanatasism of the Israeli Jews.

Way to go "Doctor" Beck - blame the world for your weakness.

Oh and guess what?
People who choose to live in Israel do just that - choose.

Take a vacation or bad mouth anyone who isn't exactly like you,or whatever
you need to do to justify your painfully hypocritical existance.But do it
soon because if you wait too long even the bottle won't save you.

Paul Jordan
p.s. Just a tip - most hosts do show prep - maybe you should try it.

god you suck

You unconscionable illiterate. You know so little of our national history
that you are hardly worth educating. I guess all that booze pickeled your
brain. Captured by the Indians: 15 first person accounts of the experiences
of those captured by the Indians. You might want to give that one a read if
you can't imagine people, "people right here in America doing that kind of
thing." You may learn a few tricks the PLO missed.
Let me get this straight- the photographs of incinerated children, gunshot
babies, schoolkids reduced to bone and gristle- that doesn't bother you
because the IDF was just "protecting the Israeli people from the supermarket
bombers", yet if a collaborator, (that means traitor, something that hardly
phases Americans today)is executed by his fellow countrymen, then you get
your knickers in a twist.
You are a pharisee of the phirst order. Hypocrite, semitic suckpoop, water
boy for Sharon, pimp of useless ideologie.
Please, for the everything that is good and decent, go buy some liquor and
re-up for the only thing that you were ever good at.
Drunk.Tosspot.Rotted liver mouthpiece for Yol Israel.Please drink some booze
and make the world happy.
Chairman of the Day of the Rope Committee

You are gutless

I called you today and got on the air with a very simple question: who was the author of the quote, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."? You, of course, had had a heads-up since I gave that quote to your call screener. Earlier in the morning you had just emerged from one of your religious reveries, talking slowly, with long 10 second pauses and emphasizing words as
s l o w l y as possible. Sort of a Paul Harvey thing, I guess.

You were, as you can sometimes be, gutless. You guessed wrong that the author of that quote was Thomas Jefferson and seemed outraged (for reasons I will shortly explain) that the author of that quote was Menachem Begin, leader of the Israeli terrorist group, the Irgun. Menachem uttered those words one day after he and the Irgun blew up the Hotel David in Palestine in 1948 killing 90 British civilian tourists. Of course, Menachem went on to be a worshipped Israeli war hero and, later, Prime Minister. Thus, according to Zionist logic, Begin was a "goooooooooood terrorist" and Yasser Arafat today is a "baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad terrorist." With such a paradigm, analysis of "terrorism" becomes much easier, don't you think?

I had the feeling that my call and question would not be warmly received by you because you are an Israeli apologist and toady. If I knew for sure who the financial backers of the Glen Beck program were, then I would know why I had not been warmly received. But, by inference, it is evident that Zionist money funds you and your program.

When I hear you condemn Begin's 1948, and current Israeli, terrorism, I will take you more seriously. Until then, you are just an entertainer, nothing more, and deserving of only a laugh.

-Bradenton, Florida.

Lies you are telling

Hey Glenn,
Just listening to your lies on the radio. Here's one. "In america you can
say or think anything you want" Heres another "We tolerate other views". How
about you talk about this tomorrow on your radio show.

Or can you say that without being excommunicated from the church of
multiculturalism? (Can you please tell me why we are supporting, to the tune
of $3 billion a year, a country that endorses slavery?)

Or how about this one you hypocrite?

The BIG LIE people have bought into Glenn, is that Israel is our ally. Give
us one palpable reason why we, in a country who believes in separation of
church in state, should we support one side of a holy war?

Why don't you prove you are neither a coward, nor a liar? But then, it may
cost you your job.


Hi Glenn

I'm sick and tired of listening to your crazy rantings. I can't believe I used to find you funny.
Now you're just pure evil.

Your story about the "red heifer' borin in Israel to usher in a new Temple is a freaking ploy by the
zionazis to destroy the ancient mosque in Jerusalem and replace it with a temple. Are you that stupid.

Reminder, the jews are not waiting for Jesus to come back. The Christians AND the Muslims are.

Do you remember who killed Jesus? Do you remember who calls the Virgin Mary a ? Do you know that the jews change the Bible to fit their adgenda?

Yeah..lets conjur up the HOLOAUST INDUSTRY..huh Glenn..why don't you mention that on your crappy show?


This is radio???

Have listened to your show now for a couple of months.
I especially like the periods of silence you impose after your deepest
thoughts are sent over the airwaves. Wasn't that originally known, in the
business, as "dead air"? Wasn't that phenomenon something to be avoided at
almost all cost?
Guess what? It still is--in your case anyway.
This soto-voce thing you do sounds like a forty year old drunk trying to be
Guess what? You're not!!!
It is unfortunate that we share the same political philosophies 'cause you
are a little more than a juvenile pain in the ass.
Bring back Dr. Laura!!

Danville, KY


ive been listening to your show now since 9-11 abd i thought it was going to
be humerous i mean anything other than dr. laura any thing would do but all
this dead air , the pauses , they drive me nuts .i once turned on the station
and thought they were off the air, its not good radio its not sexy your more
like a radio star of the past trying to be a movie actor or an actor in
general.but you are not humorous , and you keep on the middle east subject to
long. i bet out of the 3 hours your on you have bout 15min of dead air if you
would add them all up. please drop the pauses if you would or if you can,
makes for very bad radio thanks!!

Mac and Cheese

Today on your crappy program, you made fun of macaroni and cheese saying that it's only for the "lower class". Well maybe you'll be the one living in the lower class when all your listeners stop listening.

MAC AND CHEESE RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TV Shows

Please don't talk about TV shows, you're an idiot. Anyone that thinks Frasier is funny should be sent to a camp and forced to take comedy treatments that will be injected through the anus.

I am disappointed

Hey Glenn

I am writing to let you know that I am disappointed in you and your show.

When I started listening to you post Sep 11, I thought you are a patriotic american. I liked your show then.

However, recently with the middle east violence I was shocked to discover that you are not the pro american patriotic I thought you are and admired you for, But a pro Israel puppy. Your comments on air last week and ideas about terminating the innocent civilians there are the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life. You tried to prove that you are more "Sharon" than Sharon himself. He never called (at least publicly) for the termination of all the palestinians. It is because of people like you that those Radicals and idiots in the middle east hate us here in the US. Your ideas and comments prove two things: first that you are totally ignorant in the middle east history and the israeli-palestinian conflict. and second, you are only self serving in your hippocratic radio shaw to suck up to the jewish lobby in the media and washington.

I am asking you to retract your comments on air very clearly and apologize for what you said. Otherwise, I am no more a sick freak. I will not listen to you again.

Kyle Johnson

Your radio show?

Okay it has been awhile since I first heard your show and it was pretty good for about 2 days.
Now after who knows how long, you have been put into the afternoon slot here in Salt Lake City, and it's long enough.

You are lame, Glenn!!!

Have you ever heard of ORIGINALITY?

Your "Sarcasm" is old!

No matter how hard and long you try you can't be Rush Limbaugh, Phil Hendrie, G. Liddy(well maybe him, he is pretty boring and lame too), Art Bell, your what Enuffznuff is to Motley Crue, red headed step-bitch. No matter what you do you will never be that good!

Your show is so lame, KALL 910 doesn't even run your program on the same day it was aired, now that is tape delay.

And dude making fun of retards like your self should be left up to Phil Hendrie.

When you cover one subject move on to a new one, don't keep going on and on about it. badh.

Listen to Jim Rome, Phil Hendrie, Art Bell, Bruce Williams, Chuck Carter, and just listen, quit your show and just listen!!!!!!

Brett Fullmer
Salt Lake City, Ut

Hi from FRANCE

I am writing to you from FRANCE. Yes, we hear you from here. It is just too bad to see that in times of war, when we are trying to tell people to be "tolerant" with each other and try to avoid hate, I hear you say you "hate France". It is really disturbing for french people to hear an American radio person screaming all over the internet his hate for France.. It is even more sad to think that in such a day with conflicts in the middle east and being Holly Friday, someone speaks about hate instead of love and tolerance...

I heard before someone called you and you were upset (something about your car and your wife..). Well, maybe you got mad because of that and you are exploding on the "France" issue.... Well, I guess now that you know that "French people" are listening to you over the internet, I guess an apology would be a nice thing....

By the way... I guess all kids in the world love Disneyland, regardless of if they are from France, or our visiting European countries...

About the French terrorist that was sentenced to death: Well, I guess he knew he was taking "that risk" when he decided to become a terrorist. So, I guess he has to be punished ...

Just an advise: Don't prejudge or generalize. In the USA you have people that are for or against every single issue. Well, in France is the same. Some people support some things, others don't. So, please don't generalize and don't prejudge people. Prejudgement just serves at spreding "hate". I think you have a responsibility by being in the radio to "educate people" and teach them to be tolerant... not hateful. Thank you,



So you're 38 years old Mr.Beck...stop offending us who did have to live
through the threat of the Missile Crisis. You are lying. Tell me, when
did you have to, 3 times a day, line up against a wall in elementary school
because it may be nuked. Or maybe you're talking about the Cuban Missile
Crisis. Even more B.S. I'm 47 hears old, and I know where I was at that
time. And you, my lunatic friend, in no way could have been aware of what
was going on, so stop trying to identify with those of us who actually did
live through it and who actually do have memories of it. We earned the
right to claim it and talk about it. You have not.

glennbecksucks website

You suck and I really hate you. Maybe if you didn't hate so much, I wouldn't hate you. Fat Fat Fatty Bacon Eater. I like you so much I made a website for you

Chris from Valero


you are the most insulting bastard on radio.
when this station got you they scrapped the
bottom of the barrel. when you you were young
you must have been a hemroid because you are one pain in the ass.why dont you listen to
might learn something [I SAID MIGHT]


Katherine Harris

So you think K. Harris is steaming? Your taste is all in your mouth. Your
taste buds must be blunted from taking those drugs for depression. I am 50
years young and believe me, I look 10 years younger than her. You were the
one getting all snugly w/ her. Put a picture of your wife on your website.
You said she was gorgeous. Show us the goods.
Listener from The Buckeye State -- that is Ohio

your show

WEll, you asked me to listen for 6 or 8 weeks, I have..
The verdict is in.. YOU SUK I hope you remember back to September of last year when
you had no affiliates, cause with any luck you'll be back there soon. The last straw was the
other day when someone asked what kind of car you drive and your reply was" one that
you'll never be able to afford" That was all for me, your outta here you ass ,


Hey Glenn! Your show sucks! I've listened to it for several months and finally get it! It's
a means for you to have a tantrum when anyone has a different opinion than your's. I mean,
who needs all the screaming....and the crying was pathetic. Try this: get the guys to wrap
you up like a mummy with duct-tape, insert a Haldol/Valium drip somewhere, and let Dave,
Bill Rogers, and Pat Ireland handle the show for you. Then your show would be REALLY
cool. Jim

With simian insight Glenn explains mental illness

With all the acquired wisdom of a chimpanzee reading Shakespeare you are
attempting to understand the jury verdict in the Andrea Yates trial. Like the
chimp its beyond your grasp. Oddly though you raised Jeffery Dahmer as a
comparison and in your stumbling bumbling way accidentally found a good
comparison. Perhaps I can enlighten you without surgery to enhance your
cognitive deficits. Jeffery Dahmer was a psychopath who was willful and fully
aware of his actions. There can be no question of his guilt, Andrea Yates
suffers from schizophrenia an organic brain dysfunction that floods the nerve
pathways with massive amounts of dopamine, preventing her from knowing
reality from fantasy, Yates is psychotic while Dahmer was never psychotic.
Simply saying they are all crazy doesn't cut it in the 21st century. Great
show by he way.

Hate mail

Glenn you must still be mentally screwed up if you think andrea yates is
doing anything other than making an excuse for herself. i'm sick and tired
of people making excuses for murder. You need to go back to the nutfarm and
get off the air before someone actually starts to believe what you say.
basically what you are saying is that anybody that has some sort of excuse
should get off. if a drug addict kills for money to buy crack is that okay?
this woman needs to be drowned then revived and then drowned several more
times. when they finally bring her back the last time they need to gut her
alive in public. anyone that can kill children does not deserve to live.
it is even worse when they kill their own children. maybe you should marry
this bitch if you think what she did does not deserve death or worse!!!!!


Will you PLEASE shut the hell up?!?!?!?!?!?! Nobody wants to listen to you drone on about your "tourist trip" to the WTC site!

Patrick Thorne

The Glenn Beck Show

Listen to your show today and couldn't figure out why. You are so full of
yourself it's unreal. You should have been an actor.................with
your voice breaking and crying. It's sad that people will attempt to profit
themselves from such a tragic event.

Beck "flashback"

Mr. Beck,
You must have done some incredibly fast driving to be at the WTC site in the time period you have
described in your "flashback" of 911. All aircraft were grounded upon landing for many days after the incident. You really shouldn't assume our memories to be that short.

Ray Satorius
Ft. Worth, TX

Stop ripping off Phil Hendrie

Hi Glenn,

I've always enjoyed your shows and still do...but lately you've really been ripping off Phil Hendire - yea, we noticed!

Are you stupid?


Are you stupid? What is wrong with your thinking? Use your brain a little and have a responsible radio show. I can not believe you read the e-mail about the boy who does not have a body. It is a hoax. 


Glenn You suck

You are boring and frequently incoherent. The pauses on your show while
you struggle to come up with an idea are embarrassing. I guess you
should be congratulated for the first to target people with sub-100
IQ's, but frankly you are an embarassment to conservatives, many of whom
are not pinheads.

-- Brad


Hey, Glenn!

I've been listening to your show in Memphis during my
drive time since September 11.

I was really pleased to find a photo gallery on your
website. Now that I've heard what a talking turd sounds
like, I just had to SEE it!

It's like checking the toilet paper before you toss it
in the bowl, I guess. I know I COULD just turn my radio
to something else, but I'd rather be stupefied and whine
and complain all the time--like you! Besides, it's a
fascinating experience to actually FEEL myself getting
dumber as I simmer in my hatred, listening to your
substanceless drivel.

Keep it up, turd!


my opinion

I had to write and tell you what a pathetic whining loser you sound like when you constantly rag on Bill Clinton. It is typical of men like you to have a problem with him that you can not let go of for reasons a psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist would all love to explore with. I recommend that you call DR. PHIL IMMEDIATELY to get counseling.
What is even more amazing is that you think a majority of people agree with you. The danger in your business i.e. a full-time Clinton basher, is that you "surround yourself with yourself " (remember the song)and think everyone is in agreement with your convulted judgement.
Your advertisements say you take eight weeks to adjust to---that is like eight weeks with a terminal illness.
Valerie Skripek

YOU WENT TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WAS a big fan...until today! A comedy bit after the Yates story? You lost me!!!!! There are certain things even a juvenile jerk like Howard Stern won't joke about ( at least he has the experience to recognize them ) YOU WENT TO FAR! I thought your producer would have the TESTICLES to put me on the air but he didn't when I called yesterday. Too bad. I got the joke (NOT THIS TIME) and I REALLY enjoyed listening but I won't anymore! I plan on letting WKRC know my thoughts too. I hope as a self proclaimed Christian and father, you'll think twice about following a horrible,sickening story with a comedy bit NO MATTER HOW SARCASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Siler
Cincinnati, Ohio

Glenn Beck

After listening to Glenn Beck for the amount of time he suggest (6 weeks) I
have a suggestion for your radio station. GET HIM OFF YOUR STATION.
Personally I'm tired of hateful jokes aimed at poor and oppressed people.
I'm tired of him hanging up on the people he disagrees with. Many times I
would like to hear other people voice their opinions without some shock jock
wannabe yelling over their statements. Just because he can yell louder than
the caller and hang up on them doesn't add any weight to whatever point he
is trying to make. I love your Lee Cruse show however and can even tolerate least he doesn't yell at listeners. Glenn Beck brings no
intellectual interaction to the program. I'm turning to 590 WVLK. Glenn
Beck.....idiot. Used to be a long time listener,
Norm Goldie


When are you white conservative republicans going to get on with it. Bill Clinton is out of office. If you can't put the man in jail, leave him alone. You're beating a dead horse. I bet he's laughing at all of you white racist (conservative) republicans. 

Richard A. Peters,Director & Editor

Constructive criticism hate mail 

To Whom It May Concern:

The local Clear Channel affiliate recently started carrying your show, which at the time, I thought was a boon for me! But alas, they substituted a sniveling self-aggrandizing and sanctimonious moron for the 'Glenn Beck' Show. I am starting to realize that the weasel liberal freak wasn't so bad after all. Granted he was very abuse to people who didn't share his opinion on certain things, but not nearly as bad as you. Now, you're probably saying, 'Hey, if you don't like it tune in another station'. Dude, if I could I would! But I work in a bomb shelter and this particular AM station is the only <expletive deleted> station I can get. Glenn, I tried to take your advice and listen to you with an open mind for the full 8 weeks, but I couldn't. You really suck! On a good day, you are abrasive, obnoxious, arrogant, self-centered and your show really has no continuity. And that's on a good day. On the other days, the topics, skits and bits are nothing more than mindless prattle filled with bathroom humor that would be more appropriate in a grade school.

In conclusions, it's really sad to say that most of the other regional listeners that I've talked to around here think about as much of you as they do Stern (Howard). Most of which, if they were to see him walking down the sidewalk would probably line him up with their hood ornaments and hit the

Disgusted Clear Channel listener,

B.W. Saloum


As a former PROFESSIONAL radio broadcaster, I must tell you I like what you say, but HATE how you say it! Do you really need all the juvenile production to junk up your show? If it were funny (like Limbaugh uses) that would be different, but all I've heard on yours is very childish sounding. Today, your tirade with the girl who you thought had "nothing" to say, while you stood "over there" (wherever the heck that is), doing your little "Bridge on The River Kwai" bit, was much like a 5 year old saying "I'm putting my hands over my ears". Also, the lady in MA who called saying you were to crude was exactly right. Not long before that, you had referred to something as being "badass" . Do you really have to resort to semi-vulgarity in order to make your point, or are you just being a smartass? Wait....maybe you're trying to get the 5 year olds interested in what's going on in this that case, you may be doing that.

I do believe you'd get on more than 60 stations if you were to GROW UP AND SMELL THE MATURITY!


Submission for Listener Column

What is today's show about? This 80's retro isn't funny, informative, and certainly not entertaining. Surely your listeners weren't consulted before your program director decided to compile this show. With all that is going on in the world why would you discuss the rubix cube or Nirvana or the damn 80's. How about current issues such as the economy, Politics, the war, or the fact a virgin shark gave birth( true story). Well I hope this e-mail is given consideration because I feel sure the majority of your listners agree with me.

Chris Carver


Dear Glenn,

You probably won't pay any attention to my e-mail but I thought I'd try anyway.

I was at first happy to find your program one day, but finally I had to turn you off. It wasn't worth what I had to go through to listen. I got tired of your use of bodily functions and their by-products plus other profane language instead of real words to communicate. It was too degrading. Using crude, coarse and base vocabulary may be funny and dramatic (as you would say how far can we push this?) but it is only that way to a society that has degenerated to it. (Marvin J. Ashton)

You are only contributing to a minimal standard of human decency using crass (deficient in manners and sensativity) vocabulary. Why? You are a very gifted and talented man. Why would you do this? Your best shot is to find five or six vocabulary words that dramatize and effectively communicate your feelings of your humor and message to a broader audience, not just the audience for which coarse or crude language is no big deal (no matter how large that audience is). People accustomed to base words CAN handle REAL words, REAL descriptive language and the rest of us would appreciate it. Won't you please try?

Your talents and gifts and message are getting clouded by using a substandard means of communicating it. I know that you know what I say is true.

Howard Stern is an intelligent and popular media millionare, but he is also a rebrobate. Do you have to lean even ever so slightly in his direction? I want you to raise your standards of words not just for me or for your sake but for the memory you are making of yourself to your family.
What have you got to lose?

Yours Tru;y
Kathy Busey

Your rudness

Your rudness is overwhelming causing you to do more harm than good. I turned you off after 5 minutes of you yelling at callers and not allowing them to express their opinions. You reminded me of Taliban leaders.

Glenn Blech

AARRRRGH! Puleeeez! Glenn with two N's Beck? When are you guys gonna
get it? Where on earth do radio ratings come from?

If you received a checkup report from your Doctor that reported to you that you needed a liver transplant and a sex-change operation wouldn't you question the Doctor about the quality of the information he used to make his decision? Hello! McFly! Why don't you just play music from Power Ranger cartoons? You can pause the music or voice over with Kimmer or Wayne saying inane on liners then continue with the music. I'm sure this would pull the same ratings as Mega Nerd Glen with two N's.

The only shows I listen to are done by people that truly have something to say. I really don't care what "Atlanta" thinks. I will not listen to a host answer the phone and let callers repeat the same inane comments over an over. Rush is great because he can do a show without callers. He uses callers to add to his show. Dr Laura is great for the same reason but some of he calls are interesting. The Kimmer is a good comedian and I guess I would have to say the best traditional talk show host that I listen to but he can do pretty well just insulting Wayne or whoever else is near the studio. Give him a phone and let him do teenage phone pranks.

You guys really screwed up when you dropped the Art Bell reruns and put that weirdo that argues with himself on, but since you dropped your broadcasting on FM I cant listen at night anyway. I listen to Art online whenever I'm up late enough. No thanks to WGST. Now you banished Dr Laura to your micro watt hours and I cant hear her anymore.

Still, where do the ratings that you base all your looser decisions on come from. Maybe I should go camp under I-20 and wait for someone to come along and ask me my radio preferences. Do you guys listen to super nerd Glen? Do you actually like it?

Mark Wright

what has happenened to you?????????

I have been listening to your show since it began and have found you
entertaining, for the most part. Yesterday you were commenting on Jan Platt's
interview on the WFLA morning show. Ranting and raving about local
government's responsibility to be discriminating. Of course government should
be discriminating according to your definition!!! You took completely out of
context what Ms. Platt meant by discriminate. John Stuart Mill wrote the
following: (capital letters highlight the portion for you to pay special
attention to)
"To question all things;-never to turn away from any difficulty; to
accept no doctrine either from ourselves or from other people without rigid
scrutiny by negative critcism;letting no fallacy or incoherence, or confusion
of thought step by unperceived; ABOVE ALL, TO INSIST UPON HAVING THE MEANING
of a proposition before assenting to it;-these are the lessons we learn from
ancient dialecticians."

While your definition of discriminate is accurate; Webster also lists another
meaning for the word.
to make a difference in treatment or favor on a basis other than individual

I felt so sorry for your caller Stuart, Glenn. The two of you were not on the
same page and you mocked him incessantly without cause. I realize you are an
entertainer, but how far will you go? Your whole one-sided conversation with
him was meaningless because you had your definition of discriminate and he
had his.
I also think it is abhorrent that you include gays with actual deviant
members of our society such as people who have sex with animals (you had
other examples that I can't recall) Do you really believe gay people CHOOSE
to be gay? What should we do with them? Herd them up and truck them to
Wyoming? How would a gay pride month infringe on your safe little world? And
why should the rest of the community succumb to what Glenn Beck considers
I feel sorry for either of your daughters if they should discover that they
are gay. What would you do then, Glenn? It's a long way to Wyoming to go for
a visit. Or perhaps you won't have to deal with it. With your attitude
towards gays she would never be able to be truthful and would most likely run
away or worse.

Tampa Fl

Condoms Cause Bestiality!!!!!!!!!@

Dear Glenn,

I'm sick of you saying you want condoms in school. You should understand that there never were a problem with ladies in the alleys dying. Abortions have nothing to do with condoms. You're puritanical self-righteousness is sickening. If you would wake up and realize that things were MUCH BETTER in the 1940s and 1930s, your listerners would
begin to understand.

As a moral leader of our community, I really don't think it's right that you try to push drugs and sex to our children and our animals. It's bad enough that they make condoms out of lamb skin for those bestialpheliacs that you support, so how can you support bestiality since you want condoms in our schools?!

The next time you tell me to GET OFF YOUR PHONE I hope you realize that not everyone has a thick skin as you do from using condoms.


Do you listen to the show????? Are you doing bong hits? I have no idea what you are talking about but at least you had the courage to sign your name .... Oops, never mind.


you are an idiot

You are an idiot.You say at the begionning of your broiadcast you are happy that i've tuned in. Well; I;ve tuned out.

When you make fun by saying GET OFF MY PHONE to someone who is talking  trationally about stuff such as condoms in the school you are not dealing with the way the the world is today. You want the world to be as ot was in the 30s and 40s. Good for you. Women were dying on the back alleys because abortion wa s illegal. Guys were doing abortions with coathangers. You don't think that will happen again? I remeber it happening and take my word for it, it will happen again, if abortions become illegal.

A couple of weeks ago on the Friday before Mothers Day you made a complete ass out of a woman who had no idea what was going on, except everyone, who listening, on the radio knew what was happening. You can make the argument that her husband asked for it but just because he;s such an ass do you lower yourself to his level. . That woman could probably divorce her husband over that show. Would you be happy then?

You used to be someone I could listen to, and think about what you were talking about and maybe come away with a different thought, for better or for worse, but with your harranging and yelling now there is nothing left left for me. .

You actually sound, alot of the time, like you should be in a nut house. Your blood pressure must be so high you probably will have stroke. I hope not because I wish you well.

Bob L.


Thanks for your email. The show does not appeal to everyone nor does my opinion. It wasn't intended to. I am sorry that you do not enjoy it and find that you can no longer listen. I do hope that you find a show more suited to your taste.

I too wish you well,


I know in the Bible it says to pull the beam out of your own eye before you pull the splinter out of your brother's, so I prayed for God to give me some sense of humility and self control in this letter. I recently found myself with too much time on my hands (due to illness) and have been finding different ways to pass the time. I recently listened to your radio station and program and was flabbergasted by the vulgarity and innuendo and hypocrisy. The morning show has two sexist phony posturing Christian right-wing bigots, Jack Harris and Ted Webb, followed by another phony posturing sexist right-wing bigot, Dr.(?) Laura. Then, another sexist phony posturing Christian right-wing bigot, Rush Limbaugh. And then yourself: You stand on your Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat Smith soapbox and judge all of those around you who don't live up to your expectations. You say we need more moral behavior, and in your promos are disgusting filth and lasciviousness. I do (I hope anyway) believe it is all an act. Doesn't the
Bible say "Judge not, and be not judged?" Doesn't it say the works of the flesh are manifest, and the fruit of the spirit is joy, peace love, kindness, mercy patience and things like these? Doesn't it say that Satan is the god of this world and our only hope is in Yeshua HarMessiah? When someone says something about love and forgiveness you chastise them and throw them of the air. Yeshua said by their fruits you will know them. If He was here, you would probably rail Him for ruining your stoning party with the prostitute. May God forgive me for what I allowed myself to be soiled with. It is hard enough to walk in the Spirit without the hate that is being spread on your airways. The Lord said perilous times are ahead, that the love of the masses will grow cold, and people will turn against each other. The Bible also says that no one can come to the Father unless the Father calls him. I can't save anyone the Lord hasn't planned on saving. It also says he that turns his brother away from error will cover a multitude of sins, and in the last
chapter of Revelation, let he who is filthy remain filthy and he who is holy remain holy. Yeshua said many will say "Lord, didn't we do powerful works in your name? Did we not cast away demons in your name? And He will say, "Get away from me you sinners. I never knew you."


I thank you for your restrained letter. I’m sure it took a great deal to write it. You seem to be up on the Bible, thanks for the scripture quotes. I hope you find something on air that is better suited to your taste, and I wish you the best of health.


cultin around

Really Glenn.

People are animals. I know you believe in a magical fairy God who has let us "rise" above mere biology, but your magic won't stop kids from having sex.

Those of us (and by the way Glenn, your way of thinking is going the way of the dinosaur--hooray!) who are more enlightened than you, we realize that children in puberty will have sex. Did you actually attend high school Glenn? I was having sex, my friends were having sex, we were drinking, we smoked pot, and those were GREAT TIMES!

I am 31 years old now, I have a good job, I don't regret a thing, although today I'd have been expelled five times over. So stupid moral crusaders like yourself can whine all you want about the end of civilization, but kids will be kids. When I was a boy, "latchkey kids" were all the rage. I was one of them, and all the whiny moral crusaders predicted doom and gloom for the likes of me. Well, they were wrong, of course.

Your evil Christianity is far more dangerous than any condoms could ever be.

You'd scare me, Christian, although I think our society is finally through with listening to your cultist thinking.


dan f.


Wow, you sure have turned me around. :)

Thanks for the email.



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