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May 31, 2004


Insider BrainFuzz sent us some pictures of himself and friend handing out Evil Conservative flyers at the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow'. If you handed out some flyers at the movie, please send us photos at


For families of soldiers killed in Iraq, Memorial Day has special meaning
On Memorial Day, Stacy Menusa will head to a cemetery with her 4-year-old son Joshua, who thinks every American flag waves for his father, just like the one that was draped over his coffin.

Good News In Iraq
In recent weeks, there have been a number of negative stories about the transition to democracy in Iraq. From continuing security problems to the scandal at Abu Ghraib prison, bad news has driven out the good in Iraq. But there is a great deal of good news to report.

Iraq's good news goes begging for headlines
'Why can't the media concentrate on the good things that our brave and dedicated Americans are doing in Iraq?'

US breaks ground on new mosque and school improvements
"Today was a big day for us," said Sgt. Daniel P. Carreon, an assistant team leader for the civil affairs team from Garden Grove, Calif. "It was one of the first times we've been invited to a mosque in the city and been welcomed by everyone. It's just the first step toward showing the locals we're here to help and improve their quality of life."
Rebuilding Iraq
On March 19, 2003, the United States and its coalition partners launched the first air strikes of Operation Iraqi Freedom. More than a year later, Iraqis are rebuilding their country after decades of neglect. The Department of Defense offers the following statistics on its Web site,

· Food: 3.3 million metric tons of food has entered Iraq.

· Public Health: All 240 hospitals in Iraq and more than 1,200 clinics are open.

· Water & Sanitation: Two-thirds of potable water production in Iraq has been restored. Three Baghdad sewage treatment plants will be rehabilitated by October 2004. The rehabilitated plants will treat nearly 800 million liters a day, benefiting 3.5 million people.

· Electricity: Power generation surpassed 4,400 megawatts of electricity in late 2003. Six months prior, the country could barely generate 300 megawatts.

· Telecommunications: There are now more than 900,000 telephone subscribers and 225,000 wireless subscribers in Iraq - a 10 percent higher subscription rate than before the war.

· Economy: Average crude oil production has reached 2.5 million barrels per day; since June 2003, oil sales have generated more than $5 billion in revenue for Iraqi reconstruction.

· Security: More than 200,000 Iraqis now provide security for their fellow citizens. Iraqi security forces now account for the majority of all forces in Iraq.

· Education: The coalition rehabilitated more than 2,300 schools for the 2003-2004 school year. About 3,900 secondary schools have received 159,000 student desks, 26,437 teacher desks and chairs, and 61,000 chalkboards. About 58,500 teacher kits including rulers, geometric triangles, compasses, pens, an attendance register and chalk have been distributed.

Source: The Department of Defense;

Soldier who watched Hussein's capture returns home
"You're probably going to see some more people that get hurt," Terrell explained. "But, there's still a lot of good that's happening over there, too. And there are probably nine out of 10 Iraqis that love Americans."

Soldiers see promise, progress in Iraq
Soldiers back from war-torn Iraq carry different mental images - ones of a better country where schools are being built, hospitals are being repaired and people are finding jobs.

Soldiers Want Positive News of Iraq Reported
There's a groundswell of concern across the country that the American people are only getting the negative news out of Iraq, that we aren't telling you about the good work of US troops.

Fact Sheet: The Transition to Iraqi Self-Government
"The rise of a free and self-governing Iraq would deny terrorists a base of operation, discredit their narrow ideology, and give momentum to reformers across the region. This would be a decisive blow to terrorism at the heart of its power, and a victory for the security of America and the civilized world."

Letter from solider shows the brighter side of Iraq
The following came from my granddaughter, Pam, from Marysville, Wash. Her husband, Keith, a medic, is three months into a tour in Baghdad.

Iraqi Kurds optimistic in face of uncertainty
Compared to most U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Lt. Col. Gregory Politowicz and his 19 colleagues lead the good life.

Returning soldiers share views on Iraq
"The term shouldn't be rebuilding, but just building. It's not rebuilding of war damage, it's simply building things that weren't there when we got there." Things like water plants and schools.

Dawn of hope for Iraqi economy
There are signs that an economic recovery of sorts is taking place, the Economist Intelligence Unit report for April forecast a strong recovery in growth of around 60% of GDP this year and about 25% next.

Military Surgeon helps ailing Iraqi children take first steps toward healing hands in states
A reserve Navy doctor in Iraq is working with a children's charity to help young Iraqis with serious health problems receive treatment in America that is not available in Iraq.

Operation Iraqi Children: Good News From Iraq
Read some good news out of Iraq.

Parades are nice, but ... Let soldiers see family first
Parades are nice, but getting a chance to hang out with the family is a priority with some soldiers returning from Iraq.

If it bleeds, it leads
"If it bleeds, it leads." Ask any journalist and he'll tell you this old cliché holds true. If a news story contains personal tragedy, property loss, or -- best of all -- gory detail, you can bet that the story will lead off the night's newscast or appear above the fold in the morning paper.

Americans feel media presented too much abuse coverage
A recent CBS News poll found that while 55 percent of respondents said the prison abuse scandal is ''very serious'' problem, 61 percent felt the media has spent too much time on coverage, compared with 49 percent who said the same shortly after the news broke in late April.


In Normandy, France's enduring gratitude to United States troops on display
There is still a place in France where locals fly the American flag with untempered enthusiasm.


Bush Calls for 'Culture Change'
In interview, President says new era of responsibility should replace 'feel-good.'


Kerry’s victory good news for Musharraf
In an interview published on Sunday, Sen Kerry said as president, he would play down the promotion of democracy as a leading goal in dealing with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and Russia, instead focusing on other objectives that are more central to the United States’ security.